Listening ~ Daily Tarot Card Reading for Thursday

self care cards by cheryl richardson
Self Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s daily tarot card reading is all about taking the time to listen – both to others and our own “inner” voice.

If you are trying to make a decision right now, listen to the voice of your higher self. Take a few minutes to be still and quiet and tune into your body. Is it trying to tell you something?

In interactions with others today, practice listening more than speaking. Instead of trying hard to get your point across, try to really hear what is behind what the other person is saying. Are they speaking from a place of fear, insecurity or perhaps they just have a strong desire to be understood. When you shift from hearing what someone is saying to what is really behind what they are saying, you will be able to communicate and connect to them on a very deep level.

You can even extend this concept to yourself and ask yourself what is behind your worries, fears, desires, and incessant thoughts. Take the time to really listen to yourself today!