Temperance ~ Tarot Card Reading for Friday

meaning of temperance tarot card
Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche

Today is all about balance! With the Temperance tarot card comes a reminder of how important balance is for overall happiness and enjoyment of life.

I know a lot of people groan at the mention of “temperance” or even “balance”, but it doesn’t have to be that boring! Leading a healthy, well balanced, temperate life can be enjoyable. The main message of the Temperance tarot card is to indulge but don’t over-indulge.

The other message I get with this card is how important it is to renew our energy and enthusiasm for things. This is done by getting plenty of rest, exercise and eating a balanced diet. And also by taking a break from certain things every now and then. If you find yourself losing interest in certain hobbies or activities that you once enjoyed, take a break. Do something else and eventually your interest and excitement will return.

The Temperance tarot card asks: What areas of your life are out of balance and what can you do today that would help bring them into balance?

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