Ten of Swords ~ Tarot Reading for Wednesday

ten of swords tarot card
The Dream Enchantress Tarot by Marco Nizzoli

Today’s Tarot card, Ten of Swords, asks the question what happens after you have slayed all your dragons? What will be left for you to focus on?

Sometimes our “problems” become a big part of who we are and we can harbor a secret fear that life will be boring and empty once all the drama has ended. Conflict isn’t just stressful – it can also be exciting and entertaining. Drama can definitely add a certain spiciness to life!

So when you say that you “don’t want anymore drama”, are you being completely honest with yourself?

Another theme I get from this card is that we are all ONE, and we are all deeply connected to each other. So if we hurt, despise or attack someone else, we are also doing this to a part of ourselves. The dragon in this card represents the Shadow Self, the aspect of our self that we deny and repress. When we recognize this aspect in others, we seek to destroy or criticize them.

In this way, the “drama” that we create in our lives is often a way for us to engage with our shadow aspects in the hope that they will eventually be healed. This Ten of Swords tarot card suggests that instead of slaying your dragon, make friends with it and notice how it begins to transform your life!


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