Oracle Card Reading for Friday ~ Self-Worth

guidance dogs oracle cards

Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today’s oracle card reading is all about self-worth, appropriately represented by the Poodle! Do whatever you need to do today to feel good about yourself. This could include some kind of physical pampering, like a trip to the spa, or something deeper.

Taking care of your body involves having a deep respect and reverence for it. Grooming rituals can often be a good time to think about your body in a way that is caring and loving.

Treat yourself to a hot bath today, and put herbs like lavender and sage under the hot running water. Or paint your toenails a crazy colour. Of course, establishing a strong sense of self-worth is about more than just hot baths and nice toenails and today is a good time to reflect on your self-worth…

You can be most acutely aware of how high your sense of self-worth is when you are criticized by others. Think back to the last time someone criticized you. Did you feel personally attacked? Did you feel diminished and crushed or were you able to brush it off? Today’s oracle card reading reminds you that it’s natural to be effected by others behavior and attitudes, but that true self-worth is independent of others opinions.





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