Eight of Cups Tarot Card for Wednesday

The reading for today has turned up the Eight of Cups Tarot card, letting you know that sometimes its okay to walk away from something. Just because you have worked hard at this and put precious time and energy into it, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it if it no longer fulfills you.

Change is constant and what once brought you joy and satisfaction may feel empty and dull to you now. This is okay, you are constantly changing and growing and everything is impermanent.

You don’t do yourself any favors by holding onto something that you have outgrown simply because you don’t want to think you have “wasted” your time. You haven’t wasted your time – you have learned things and evolved. Wisdom is knowing when to let go and move on.

The Eight of Cups Tarot card is here to let you know that is is now time for you to move toward that which you feel drawn to – there is something much better in store for you!


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