Unboxing the Tarot of Why!

Join me as I unbox my newest Tarot deck, the Tarot of Why by R Campbell!

Created while on tour with Cirque du Soleil and originally only intended for personal use, R Campbell decided to print multiple copies of the deck at the urging of a co-worker. And I’m glad he did! Have a look and see what makes this deck so special…


To purchase the Tarot of Why: https://tarotofwhy.com/

From the start, this deck fascinated me. Many of the court cards are bursting with character and the little details and symbols seem to beckon me down a rabbit hole of self discovery and intuitive exploration.

So far, I’ve only done a couple of readings with this deck and they have been very intriguing to say the least, but stay tuned as I’ll be using it in this week’s reading forecast video!


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