Unboxing the Shadowland Tarot!

Join me as I unbox The Shadowland Tarot by Monica Bodirsky!

This deck is full of witchy critters, delightful monsters and fascinating creatures making it the perfect tool for shadow work and self exploration. I am just getting into “shadow work” (which I explain briefly in the video) and so this deck arrived at just the right time.

I love all the sweet, quirky and creepy critters in this deck and the way the images invite deeper exploration and inquiry. The guidebook that comes with the deck is A+++ in my opinion – not only does it give excellent card descriptions, it also gives you questions to ask for each card (LOVE this!!!)

Purchase this deck on Amazon (my affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2zUx8Fg

Artist’s site: https://www.monicabodirsky.com/

This Spring/Summer I intend to spend lots of time with The Shadowland Tarot and really get to know this deck – I will most likely be using it in a few of my upcoming weekly reading videos, so stay tuned 🙂