Unboxing The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards

The Power of 8 is 44 card Chakra Oracle deck created by Trina Amiot and Michelle Gill. Join me as I unbox this deck and look through these cards for the very first time…

You can purchase this deck here: https://www.themoontree.org/power-of-8-chakra-oracle-cards/

These cards have a great feel to them – good quality, matte card stock with rose gold edging and pretty pink card backs. They are easy to handle and shuffle and the box is also nice – it has a magnetic flap which feels good to repeatedly open and close (I get my thrills where I can!) I am familiar with the chakra system, but if you aren’t, there’s a handy little chart right inside the box.

The companion book is in colour and gives additional info on each card and gives helpful ideas on how to incorporate the wisdom of each card into your daily life.

This deck reads surprisingly well! I say “surprisingly” because I have a number of affirmation decks and they usually work best for doing one card draws and journalling, as opposed to doing a multiple card reading.

I also noticed that many of the cards in this deck are different from each other – there is a mix of photographic images of crystal layouts, hand drawn images and images created with other mediums. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like that kind of variety in a reading, but it totally worked.

I can see myself using this deck in many different settings – for myself, for others, for chakra readings, journalling, the list goes on! It’s a high-vibe, fun, useful and versatile deck that is sure to help you on your spiritual journey ♥

To purchase this deck (or learn more) go here: https://www.themoontree.org/power-of-8-chakra-oracle-cards/