Unboxing the Modern Love Tarot

Join me as I unbox the Modern Love Tarot – created by Ethony Dawn and art by Lucy Morningstar.

This deck is everything I look for in a Tarot deck – bright colours, matte finish cards, relatable scenes & characters and good vibes….

At the end of this unboxing video, I interview the deck and ask it:

1) What kind of a deck are you?
2) What kind of issues do you like to read about?
3) What do you look for in a reader?

The true test of a deck is how it reads for a variety of readings. I’m happy to say that after doing several readings (for myself and others), this deck has been consistently readable and has left me feeling clear and comforted afterwards. It’s uplifting and yet down to earth, with each card being easy to connect with and dive into.

This deck is now going into my rotation of go-to Tarot decks!

You can purchase this deck here: https://shop.ethony.com/products/modern-love-tarot-exploring-the-many-facets-of-love