Unboxing the Wide Open Tarot!

Join me as I unbox the Wide Open Tarot! This bright, sparky, minimalist Tarot deck is unique, full of personality and really fun to read with….


Kickstarter Campaign (ends Nov 4): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/earthmoonmagick/wide-open-tarot-deck-with-guidebook

Creator’s website: https://medicinethebrand.com/products/wide-open-tarot

A few highlights about this deck:

Card stock is very good – it’s sturdy and thick with a nice, matte finish (my favourite!) and cards are a nice size (7 x 12 cm) making them pretty easy to shuffle.

The box is super cute and sturdy and the guidebook is also thick and full of helpful info about the cards. I don’t pay much attention to the little books that come with most decks, but if you’re a beginner, you probably will and so this detail will be important to you.

The cards don’t have borders on them – YAY! And the style is very clean and uncluttered with minimal detail and symbols, but just enough symbolism to help you tap into each card and jump start your intuitive process.

This is a fun deck to have, no matter what your level of Tarot skill is, and I look forward to exploring this deck more in my weekly readings and Tarot journalling sessions 🙂

This deck is illustrated by Camamblo and guidebook is written by Ashleigh Henry.

Disclaimer: I received this deck in exchange for an honest review.