How to Connect the Cards in a 3 Card Tarot Reading

When doing a 3 Card Tarot Reading, you want to make sure you connect the cards and not just interpret each card individually on it’s own. The video below will show you how to do this, giving you tips on how to see connections and links between the cards. If you can master this, you will quickly become an amazing Tarot Card Reader!!!


Learn How to Connect the Cards in a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

12 thoughts on “How to Connect the Cards in a 3 Card Tarot Reading”

  1. Hi Kate,thanks for the useful lesson for the 3 card spread. I will make this lesson a point for referring to as a refresher course.Many,many thanks.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi just found this post and your site.

    Love the video lesson, well done.

    I wondered if another layer could be added to the meanings you gave? For instance, in the first card the figure is walking away from the stack of cups. In the next card the swords are stacked on the wall to the person’s left, receptive side. Then in the last card we’re back to cups and see water as we did in the first card. So might this suggest that the person walked away from something on an emotional basis (card 1) then later enters the realm of thoughts (swords) and regrets the past decision but in releasing the emotions and thinking about it, is then able to use the ladder to climb out of that distressed state and finally reach a stable state as shown in the Queen who has her emotions under control because she understands the past. Would that work too?

    1. I Thought something similar….. HI. 🙂 I Thought of walking away from an emotional situation, working on rejecting the past to reach the enlighted message of the Queen. I’m a lefty and receptive side for me feels the opposite. Is this normal or wrong?.

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