Crystals and Tarot Cards

Black Tourmaline, Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Q: Is there any benefit to incorporating crystals into my work with the Tarot?

A: Yes! Crystals and Tarot cards go together beautifully! Crystals can be used in many different ways to enhance your Tarot readings. Here are some ideas:

1) Meditation / Clearing yourself: Hold a crystal in your hands to help clear your energy and lift your vibration while you meditate before reading Tarot cards.

2) Clearing your deck: Place a crystal on top of your deck while you aren’t using it – this will clear your deck of any negative or confused energies.

3) Enhancing your environment: Place some crystals on your reading table. Depending on what crystals you use, this can help bring in positive, healing and supportive energy. Certain crystals can help ground the reading and bring in a sense of calm.

tarot and crystals
The New Palladini Tarot with Rose Quartz and clear Quartz crystals

4) Manifesting: Choose a Tarot card that represents what you are wanting to create in your life. When I am wanting things to go smoothly and work in my favor, I choose The Star Tarot card, if I am wanting more abundance, The Empress works well.

tarot and crystals
Use a clear Quartz crystal to amplify the energy of the Tarot card

Now choose a crystal to charge with your intention. Clear Quartz works best for this. Hold it in your hands as you visualize your outcome and say your intention. Place the charged crystal on top of the face-up Tarot card. The charged crystal in combination with the tarot card will amplify the energy you are sending out. Get ready for your goals to manifest!



Crystals that work well with Tarot Cards:

Clear Quartz
This is the go-to crystal that can be used for almost anything. If you can only have one crystal, this is a good one to get.

  • Use it to cleanse your Tarot cards by placing it on top of your deck
  • Can be used to cleanse your other crystalsclear-quartz-crystal-tarot-deck
  • Amplifies energy and intention, making it the perfect crystal to use for manifesting
  • Place Quartz crystals around your Tarot reading space to clear the energy
  • Hold a small quartz crystal in one hand as you do a Tarot reading – this will sharpen your psychic abilities and keep your mind clear and focused

Rose Quartz
This beautiful pink crystal is associated with the heart chakra, emotion, love and relationships. When placed on your reading table, it brings a soft, calming vibration, helping others to open up emotionally.

  • Meditate with it to connect more powerfully to your heart center
  • Place it on your reading table the next time you do a relationship reading
  • This is a particularly healing stone for those dealing with heartbreak or self love issues – but beware it can cause one to feel a little weepy.


This is a very high vibration, spiritual crystal with a loving, calming energy. There is just something about Celestite that makes you feel loved and connected to Spirit.

  •  Assists you in connecting with the Angelic realm and spirit guides
  •  Heightens intuitive ability.
  • Place Celestite crystals around your room ~ they bring a beautiful calming energy that is felt right away.


tarot and crystalsAmethyst
Sometimes referred to as the most spiritual stone, Amethyst is another high vibration crystal that will enhance the environment of your reading room and help you open your intuition. Amethyst has been said to transmute fear, anxiety, grief and anger into love, promoting emotional centering and stability.

  • Helps with visualization and enhances your psychic senses ~ meditate with it before a Tarot reading or place it on or near your Tarot reading table.
  • Use this stone in Tarot readings of a more spiritual nature as it can help you identify the spiritual purpose of a situation.


Spirit Quartztarot and crystals
This crystal helps with spiritual growth and working with your Spirit Guides. I find it is somewhat similar to Celestite in that it has a high vibration and seems to instantly connect you with Spirit and your higher self.

Spirit Quartz helps activate and clear your upper chakras ~ powerfully effecting your intuition and communication abilities

  • Meditate with it to connect to higher guidance before a reading
  • Set a Spirit Quartz on or near your reading table to help a client let go of fear and feel supported during the reading
  • Hold this stone during a reading to help see the “big picture”


crystals and tarotBlack Tourmaline
A wonderful grounding stone that can be used for protection against negative energy. Black Tourmaline has a powerful calming effect and can bring a positive feeling to any situation.


  • If your client is feeling ungrounded or upset, have them hold this stone while you read for them
  • Meditate with this stone right before a reading to ground any negativity or nervousness
  • Place on the reading table to help create a safe reading space with a calm, grounded energy

These are just my personal favorites, but you can really use any crystals that you feel drawn to. There are literally thousands of different crystals out there – it helps to know what the properties of your crystals are, so I would recommend having a reference book on hand, such as the Love is in the Earth by Melody or The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

*A note about working with crystals: Some people are very sensitive to crystals and others are not. Don’t worry if you feel absolutely nothing when you hold a crystal. When I first started collecting crystals, I just thought they looked nice and added something special to my living area, but I didn’t have any profound experiences while holding them.

After I studied Reiki, I became more sensitive to crystals, although I find that crystals work in subtle ways for me. So don’t be too disappointed if you just don’t feel anything profound when you hold a crystal – it doesn’t mean that you can’t work with them or incorporate them into your Tarot card readings.

I am curious how many people out there normally use crystals with their Tarot cards? Feel free to share how you use them in the comment box below:

23 thoughts on “Crystals and Tarot Cards”

  1. Hello,
    Do you do any inhome crystal readings with a basic tarot card reading for a group of friends/ladies. I’ve had them in Canada but don’t know if anyone here in Adelaide that does this? Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this article. I loved all the useful information. I just started tarot reading and I actually found a crystal on the ground. It was embedded on the desert ground among thousands of regular looking rocks. I just learned based on this article that what I found is called a spirit quartz. And it actually looks like the one on the picture. It all makes sense now, my sister had just passed away and the moment I found it right underneath my feet I thought of her. She loves to collect rocks, crystals, and was into tarot reading I never was until she unexpectedly passed away.

  3. I have selenite and I was wondering if I could use that crystal to cleanse my deck? I’m still fairly new to crystals and especially for using them with tarot cards. Thanks!

    1. Selenite is lovely – it has a very high spiritual vibration to it. I’m no expert in crystals, but I don’t think Selenite is necessarily thought of as a “cleansing” stone in the same way quartz is, but I’ve used it to cleanse decks and I feel like it works well. Try it and see what you think 🙂

  4. I have a precious stone that looks like black tourmaline, but, it is tumbled. Am I correct or is it something else?

    1. it could be but black tourmaline usually comes in a raw form so my guess would be it’s most likely onyx or obsidian

  5. Hii m kavita saxena a taro card reader. I use cristal n wear it too. Its amazing work..n thanks for your articals its could help us more to understand n connect with taro n clinets soul..
    Thank u

  6. Absolutely love this post, gave me a lot of ideas!
    My first interest was in crystals and I started collecting them, but as you said, at the beginning I didn’t know exactly how powerful they were and felt nothing much when working with them. Now I’ve studied a bit and I’ve learned to create crystal grids and mandalas that enhance their energy towards an intention.
    My second interest was tarot and I had the opportunity to go to an awesome workshop and I learned a lot of different spreads. Now I’m trying to connect my love for crystals with my love for the cards. This post helped a lot
    Kisses from Brazil

  7. I love crystals, tarot, angels anything & everything about all of fasinates me!… I have 6 crystals& gem stones clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, amazonite, dumortoerite, charoite& had them for a while now but am still learning so much????????i love reading ur posts❤️???????? i also have tarot & angel cards a lot to learn thare not quite sure if a’l ever be able to do proper readings bit i am trying ???????????? zxxx

  8. I am studying the tarot and I have always had a love for crystals and gemstones. I collect gemstones. I love that I can connect these two hobbies of mine! Thank you so much for the information and enthusiasm; your post was educational.

  9. I use crystals for meditation and for doing reiki. Reiki made me more sensitive to crystals. Crystals also amplify my reiki. I usually meditate beforehand and will hold crystals that are based on who I am doing reiki on. I always try to do a quick glance at all my rocks in case one feels like I need it. I then will look up what that cystal is good for and it tends to be something unspoken that needs to be worked on.

  10. This article was great and I really enjoyed reading it. It took something I learned from the book that came with my tarot deck and took it to an entire new level. Thank you so much for posting this! I appreciate it! 😀

  11. Hi there Kate! First of all, I am very thankful for you and all of your resources! I have just started out with Tarot and you specifically are helping me the most by showing me that Tarot is a fun and light-hearted adventure!
    I had a question based simply off of curiosity, which is what kind of effect jewelry with crystals can have? Do they produce the same effects as they do in a room if they are around your neck? Do they provide portable vibrations?
    Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hi Jacob!
      I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying my site and finding it fun and helpful 🙂
      I’m no expert on crystals but I think that wearing crystals has the same effect (if not moreso) as having them around your home. That is one of the reasons people wear crystal jewellery other than the fact it looks nice. I think by having crystals in your home you change the energy of the home but by having it around your neck your working more directly with your own energy field. So yes, they do provide portable vibrations.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Hi Kate! Great post! Thank you so much for writing it! Very informative. I wear a small amethyst pendant when i want to be intuitive. I also keep one with my tarot cards. I was thinking of keeping a clear quartz…after reading this post i feel certain that i must. I like the idea of using different crystals for different types of reading. Thnx once again!!

  13. Thank you so much for this wonderful post, Kate! I usually have my Celestite crystal ready on my table all the time, as well as when I consult with the Tarot. I can also recommend Selenite crystals for cleansing, enhancing and generating energy. Selenite is also known as a self-cleansing stone so it is also a perfect helper to cleanse both crystals and decks. It is also an angelic crystal, a very easy to use yet very powerful and high vibrated one to use while connecting with the psychic and spiritual realms. I have a heart shaped Selenite for holding in hands, and a stick shaped one to use as a knife to cut energy cords after readings, a Reiki trick I adapted to my Tarot studies. Many blessings. 🙂

    1. Thank you Deni, for your comment. I love Selenite! I have a large piece of it on my bookshelf and I find it helps me clear my energy and get the psychic juices flowing. I like your suggestion of using it for cord cutting after a reading – such an important thing to do!

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