Tarot Tips from a Professional Tarot Reader

Have you always wondered what exactly makes an outstanding Tarot reader, or whether you need a special “gift” to read Tarot cards? Do you ever worry about your mind going blank when you’re giving a Tarot reading? Or do you wonder how you can truly tap into your intuition when your working with Tarot cards?

I answer all these questions and more in this Tarot interview. Because the video is quite long, I have listed the various questions below along with the time in the video that I answer them, so you can skip ahead to what interests you the most.

In the comment box below, I would love to hear how you got into Tarot cards and if you have any Tarot tips to share?

How I got into Tarot reading – (first min of interview)

Do you need a “gift” to read Tarot or can anyone do it? (1:40)

Do I worry about steering people in the wrong direction with my Tarot readings? (2:30)

What makes an outstanding Tarot reader? (5:00)

What do you do when your mind goes blank while giving a Tarot reading? (6:30)

Whats the best way to learn Tarot? (8:35)

My advice for someone who wants to get good at reading Tarot for themselves (10:18)

The secret to being tuned into your intuition (11:37)

How to use creative writing to clear mental chatter and tap into your intuition (12:33)

The difference between a “gut feeling” and intuition (13:39)

How to separate fear from intuition (15:40)

How to get good at doing readings for others (16:25)

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3 thoughts on “Tarot Tips from a Professional Tarot Reader”

  1. I like how you mentioned in your video that a good tarot card reader should help you feel at ease. It is important to consider this to make sure you get accurate readings and get what you need from the reading. Personally, I would want to compare several tarot providers before choosing one.

  2. Trina Dela-Curva

    thankyou for this wonderful sharing as you do throughout your website. I can remember my very early years and my grandmother, my aunt and I would go periodically into Manhattan to a lady who had a prayer altar and candles. she would say a prayer aloud and then would shuffle the cards and read them and interpret. She was Spanish and the cards were like regular playing cards, but I understood, especially as I was older and started reading about Tarot myself, that the signed meanings had equal weight between numerical, pictorial,and spirituality as part of the tools. I Had been needing to start studying them again, so I
    cannot wait until you start an e-class :). The only thing I felt strongly about when I was practicing with them was having a strong preference for all natural lighting, albeit candles, fireplace light, etc. I also found burning sustainable dried sage as a preferred incense. A quartz crystal with an inclusion of chlorite very cleaning and gentle. its a great for oneself, pets or others who may be seated with you and the cards.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Trina! That is interesting what you say about natural light – I love reading by candlelight – I find it really enhances my reading abilities and connection to spiritual energy. And thanks for the tip about quartz with chlorite – Now I have a new kind of crystal on my “to buy” list!

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