Tarot Tips from a Professional Tarot Reader

Have you always wondered what exactly makes an outstanding Tarot reader, or whether you need a special “gift” to read Tarot cards? Do you ever worry about your mind going blank when you’re giving a Tarot reading? Or do you wonder how you can truly tap into your intuition when your working with Tarot cards?

I answer all these questions and more in this Tarot interview. Because the video is quite long, I have listed the various questions below along with the time in the video that I answer them, so you can skip ahead to what interests you the most.

In the comment box below, I would love to hear how you got into Tarot cards and if you have any Tarot tips to share?

How I got into Tarot reading – (first min of interview)

Do you need a “gift” to read Tarot or can anyone do it? (1:40)

Do I worry about steering people in the wrong direction with my Tarot readings? (2:30)

What makes an outstanding Tarot reader? (5:00)

What do you do when your mind goes blank while giving a Tarot reading? (6:30)

Whats the best way to learn Tarot? (8:35)

My advice for someone who wants to get good at reading Tarot for themselves (10:18)

The secret to being tuned into your intuition (11:37)

How to use creative writing to clear mental chatter and tap into your intuition (12:33)

The difference between a “gut feeling” and intuition (13:39)

How to separate fear from intuition (15:40)

How to get good at doing readings for others (16:25)

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Tips from a Professional Tarot Reader”

  1. Trina Dela-Curva

    thankyou for this wonderful sharing as you do throughout your website. I can remember my very early years and my grandmother, my aunt and I would go periodically into Manhattan to a lady who had a prayer altar and candles. she would say a prayer aloud and then would shuffle the cards and read them and interpret. She was Spanish and the cards were like regular playing cards, but I understood, especially as I was older and started reading about Tarot myself, that the signed meanings had equal weight between numerical, pictorial,and spirituality as part of the tools. I Had been needing to start studying them again, so I
    cannot wait until you start an e-class :). The only thing I felt strongly about when I was practicing with them was having a strong preference for all natural lighting, albeit candles, fireplace light, etc. I also found burning sustainable dried sage as a preferred incense. A quartz crystal with an inclusion of chlorite very cleaning and gentle. its a great for oneself, pets or others who may be seated with you and the cards.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Trina! That is interesting what you say about natural light – I love reading by candlelight – I find it really enhances my reading abilities and connection to spiritual energy. And thanks for the tip about quartz with chlorite – Now I have a new kind of crystal on my “to buy” list!

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