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Justice Tarot Card Meaning: Fairness, equality and balance.

Lady Justice is the symbol for divine judgement and the importance of understanding both sides of an issue before making a decision.

The Justice Tarot card meaning reminds us that we are always responsible for our actions, words and thoughts, as it is these very things that will shape our experience of life. She encourages us to think carefully about what we project out into our world as the law of cause and effect will always prevail.

The Justice Tarot Card rules the areas of ethics, legal systems, karma, right action, accountability and impartial judgement.


  • You are struggling to make connections between life events
  • You are in negotiations or dealing with legal affairs
  • Equality and balance are powerful themes in your life right now


  • Are you being unbiased in this situation?
  • Are you treating yourself fairly? Are you treating others the way that you would like to be treated?
  • How has your past actions and beliefs shaped your present reality?


  • If struggling to make a decision, make a list of pros and cons
  • Make a thorough inventory of what your current thoughts, beliefs and actions were from this morning to now. This creates awareness of the energy you are projecting.
  • Notice where in your life you could be more unbiased and fair

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5 thoughts on “Justice”

  1. I tried one of the apps that a tarot reading (if there real), and I got this as my future card, what dose mean exactly to have the future card be justice?

  2. I found you on youtube a few days ago and came to read your beginner’s guide.
    I wonder.. will you ever finish it? It’s so useful for me to understand how the tarot works and what it means. Please do finish it! <333
    Thank you for your hard work!

  3. Hi Kate, thank you very much for your explanations.
    I have a question I hope you’ll be so kind as to give me an answer to my doubts.
    People are continously asking about love issues…. They want to know when a lover would come back, or if a husband or a wife are unfaithful… etc. Many who are in love with a married man would like to know if he would ever leave his wife etc. Which Tarot card represents betrayal? Which Tarot card represents the male and female querent? How to quantify the time when an event would happen? I hope my questions are clear because I’m Italian and I find English it’s so difficult. Thank you in advance for your reply! Talk soon! Ciao

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