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Strength Tarot Card Meaning: patience, right use of power, conquering fear

The Strength Tarot card challenges our typical notions of power and “strength” as it depicts a fair maiden gently taming a wild beast. Instead of working against the current, she works with it, showing that strength and wisdom are intimately intertwined.

Wisdom, right use of power and fearlessness are all themes of Strength. The lion in this card represents the beast within us, our dark and wild side. If we fear, reject and try to control this part of ourselves with brute force and violent suppression, it can become unruly and threaten to destroy us.

When we have compassion and understanding for ourselves, we are able to become integrated and whole,  strong and powerful. This Strength Tarot card meaning indicates a wise kind of power – one that does not seek power over others, but the power to explore and unconditionally love one’s whole self.


  • You are faced with a challenge
  • It is time to call upon your inner strengths
  • You are seeking to come to some kind of agreement


  • Think back to a difficult time in your life – what inner strengths did you use to get you through it?
  • What are your hidden qualities that you reject or dislike?
  • What has been your experience of power? Is it something you fear, loathe, enjoy or crave? How has your experience of power shaped your life?


  • Make peace with your “shadow self”: take notes on your hidden, unlikeable qualities and then find a way to bring acceptance and love to these parts of yourself
  • Let go of any desire to have power over others and focus on developing your inner power to unconditionally love all aspects of yourself
  • Take a firm, yet gentle approach in your communications with others and show compassion and understanding for the other’s viewpoint

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5 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. Hi Kate I happen to draw the strength card today.I also discovered your site on accident,first with You tube then facebook and lo and behold,your page.I remember when you did a reading with the Goddess Guidance oracle cards looked at different decks of this and that.I had a feeling about that deck so I bought it and I really like it.Thanks Kate for making this available.You are part of my tarot/oracle card learing arsenal.

    1. Thank you Scott – that is so good to hear 🙂 I feel honored that my site is helpful to you.
      Yes, the Goddess deck is lovely, isn’t it? It remains one of my favorite oracle decks.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I came across your website accidently & am glad that I did. I have been reading your tips, watching videos. They are all so wonderful, thanks so much for sharing them. You have a very soothing and calm effect, your readings and interpretations are really to the point.

    I have been trying to learn the tarot for more than 2 years now, cant seem to get to it though. Its fairly easy to interpret the cards with a personality but reading cards like strength and justice has always puzzled me. What does it mean, how do you relate it to your question….am always confused. After reading your way of interpreting the cards, am kind of getting a hang now 🙂

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the time and effort in sharing your knowledge!
    Kind regards, Ruth

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Thanks for checking out my site and leaving a nice comment! 🙂
      I am delighted to hear that you are finding my approach to the Tarot to be helpful.
      That means alot to me.
      Happy Tarot Reading!!!


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