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The Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck by Kim Dreyer was published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. in 2013. It is a 44-card deck that, according to the description on the box, “was created to honor, celebrate and reconnect to Nature, Spirit and the Divine Feminine in all her forms.” The deck comes with a little, 44-page guidebook that explains each card.




  • Gorgeous fantasy art that radiates light
  • Positive, uplifting energy that is present within all the cards
  • Useable affirmations on each card


  • Honestly, none!

When I first took these cards out of the box and looked through them I immediately felt happy and blissed out, like I had just inhaled some kind of pixie dust or something. These cards practically glow!

The card stock is thick enough to be durable, but not so thick that it makes the cards too brittle to shuffle. The deck felt nice in my hands and the backs of the cards are lovely. The little guidebook that comes with the cards is just your standard LWB (little white book), but it’s nicely written and gives a deeper understanding of each card.

conscious spirit oracle deck

This deck is very earthy, as there are cards representing each of the four elements and the maiden, mother and crone. Yet, it has a deeply spiritual dimension as well with a card for each chakra and various archangels making an appearance. I feel like this deck beautifully merges the earthly with the spiritual and magical.

Each card features an affirmation, which makes it a good deck for doing a one card daily draw. You can draw one card in the morning and then use that affirmation throughout the day.

Best of all, each card has a distinct, unique energy that pulls you in and invites you to contemplate. Gazing at these cards, it becomes easy to jump right into the card and start dialoguing with the characters and environment….. without eating magic mushrooms!

This deck is very easy to read and work with. An absolute beginner to oracle decks will find the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck very simple to use.

conscious sprit oracle cards

But here’s the bottom line: do you really need the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck? I have to be honest – I have a lot of oracle decks and I am starting to notice that the “spiritual, uplifting” genre of oracle decks is become a saturated market. It seems like every five minutes there is a new oracle or angel deck on the market that features pretty pictures and positive phrases.

So I was hesitant to buy the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck, even though I loved the pictures of it online. Because after all, how many uplifting oracle decks does one really need? But when my weary mailman delivered this deck to my door (I think he is seriously starting to get creeped out by my frequent Amazon parcels and unhinged enthusiasm at his arrival), all my doubts evaporated.

This deck is special. It exudes a delicious, calming, vibrant energy. The cards invite introspection and journalling. And when I work with this deck, I no longer just feel connected to the Divine, I feel I am actually a part of the Divine – which is a truly unique experience!

Buy this deck if:

  • You want a spiritual, feminine, uplifting oracle deck that is easy to read and understand
  • You are on a “spiritual” path and want an oracle deck that reflects that
  • Tapping into your Divine nature is something that interests you
  • You love new age, fantasy art

See even more of these cards in my video review!

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18 thoughts on “Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck”

  1. Your reviews are great, Kate. I love how generous you are with your knowledge. Will you be doing a review of more popular Oracle decks, say Earth Magic? Would love to hear your thoughts on it…
    Which decks do you use most often for personal reflection? I’m relatively new to this and would love any advice.
    I wish you joy,

    1. Thanks, Zaara! I’m glad you like my reviews! I plan to do more soon. The decks I use most for personal reflection would be The Crystal Visions Tarot and Osho Zen Tarot. That would actually be a good topic for a blog post – I am going to put that on my list of things to write about 🙂

      1. Great! Will wait for more reviews. I’ve seen your YouTube vids, you sure have some great decks! I’m planning to watch your Spreecast on Monday, hv set a coupla hours aside…
        Re the Earth Magic oracle cards, are they good for a newbie?

        1. Hi Zaara – I hope you like the spreecast 🙂
          Yes, Earth Magic are good for a newbie – it’s an oracle deck, and the book that comes with it is good at explaining the cards. I found myself having to look up the meanings a lot when I first started using these cards, but they are wonderful to work with!

  2. Hi Kate,
    just to say thank you so much for being thorough with your reviews. They are the best deck reviews on the internet. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  3. Kate this deck is so me I have many decks but this one has magic to it. I just love how on target the answers are it is like they talk directly to you and it is the best deck that has increased my intuition dramatically. Thank you so much for your review I was so excited that I ordered them asap .

  4. Thanks so very much for such a beautiful review of my deck Kate xxx
    I am thrilled that you can feel the immense love, devotion and gratitude I have for Gaia, Spirit and Life coming through the cards.
    much love and blessings

  5. Hi Kate, I like your idea of doing an article on how to stop buying new decks. I feel that it’s very appropriate. Looking forward to it.


  6. Hi Kate, I am new to trying to read tarot(instead of collecting them like I have for years for the art, I now actually want to use them!) and oracle cards. I bought this deck earlier this month. When I opened this deck up and started looking at the cards…. I could not believe the emotional pull towards them! My eyes watered! I have felt a very strong pull towards quite a few decks(should we have a special “tarot/oracle card” hoarders episode?!). All of this to say, I hope people give this deck a try if they are looking for the things you listed above. Excellent review. I am very glad to have come across you a few months ago and love our weekly and daily readings. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Cara – thank you so much! I am so happy you enjoyed the review 🙂 Yes, a tarot/oracle deck hoarders show would be interesting….I am just now beginning to feel suffocated by all my decks but when I think about get rid of them, I think “ooh, but this one is special…this one has sentimental value…etc” – it’s probably very unhealthy!
      thanks again for your lovely compliments – I hope you continue to enjoy my site and readings!!

  7. Thanks Kate, like I need ANOTHER oracle deck!!! Yeah….I just bought it (from your affiliate link 😉 ) hee!! I love when the postal worker brings me presents <3

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