The Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

hezicos-tarotThe Hezicos Tarot is a unique, special and whimsical Tarot deck created by artist Mary Griffin. The deck has 78 cards and is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck structure.

The deck comes in a delightful box (pictured left) with a little companion book. The little book features all the card meanings alongside full colour images of each card. Also included in the book is 3 Tarot spreads.


  • Borderless cards! Yes!!!
  • These cards emit a special, uplifting energy
  • Cards are easy to interpret


  • Honestly, none!

When I first unwrapped the Hezicos Tarot and took the cards out of the box, I was delighted at just how special these cards are! They seem to emit a lovely, magical energy that instantly puts me in a playful, contemplative mood – a perfect mood for reading Tarot!

The cards ajudgement-hezicos-tarotre the perfect size – wide enough to really showcase the beautiful artwork, but just short enough to shuffle comfortably (I have little hands). The cards have a nice, matte finish and are a decent thickness – overall, the Hezicos Tarot has a really good feel.

These cards are borderless, which I LOVE – there is something about the lack of a border that triggers my intuitive, creative side and very few decks have this. Sometimes I will trim my cards just to get rid of the f**king borders!

While I was doing my first look through of the deck, an interesting thing happened. I finally “got” certain cards. Even though I have been reading for years, there has always been a few cards that I never really, truly understood. For example, The Hierophant. But when I saw The Hierophant in the Herzico’s Tarot I thought oh, okay, I think I get it now. It’s hard to describe, but I am sure you know that feeling of finally understanding the true meaning of a card – it’s a wonderful aha! moment!

hezicos-tarot-deathThe Herzicos Tarot is a very readable deck. Most cards are very easy to interpret and because this deck sticks closely to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, beginners will have an easy time with it. But having said that, if your a seasoned Tarot reader and your getting bored with all the Rider-Waite clones on the market, this deck is a breath of fresh air. Yes, it sticks to traditional imagery, but the illustrations are such that they invite deeper contemplation and understanding.

Now, let me tell you about the Court Cards. The Courts are interesting. Each Card shows just the head of the Court character and there are very few details. This can be tough to interpret, especially if you are a little shaky on your Court cards anyway. However, the Courts have such strong personality to them that they practically leap off the card!

When I did my first reading for my YouTube channel using this deck, I got two court cards in a 3 card reading and I thought Oh, sh*t! because they are a bit sparse, symbol wise. However, when I really looked at them they seemed to speak directly to me – kind of in a bossy way! And I found them surprisingly easy to read. However, I think if I was new to Tarot I may have struggled a bit.

4-of-swords-hezicos-tarotAgain, I can’t tell you how much I love the artwork on these cards. Whimsical, bright and joyful, the Hezicos Tarot invites pure, playful contemplation. Gazing at these cards puts me in the right frame of mind to do a reading – calm, open, fearless and inquisitive.

Each card seems to tell a story and when I look at the figures I get a real sense of their history – their personality, thoughts, dreams, etc. So if you are a writer looking for inspiration or if you just really love to incorporate a narrative into your readings, this deck makes it very easy.

Buy this deck if…

  • You are a Tarot beginner looking for a deck to learn on
  • You are looking for a special, whimsical deck to add to your collection
  • You have trouble letting go and accessing your intuition during a reading

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this deck is no longer in print and is unavailable.

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10 thoughts on “The Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin”

  1. How does one go about purchasing a Hezicos Tarot deck? I cannot find any source on the www. Any help is appreciated.

  2. After reading your reviews about lots of different starter decks and books for tarot beginners these were the 1st tarot cards I purchased. They seemed to draw me to them soon as I saw the images. I absolutely love them. I struggle slightly with the Aces and court cards but at least I feel connected with this deck. Thanks for the review Kate.

    P.s you have cost me a fortune of late haha. If I could upload a photo of all that I have bought through reading your reviews you would be gobsmacked lol. I’m just getting to know the Crystal Visions deck also 😀

    1. Hi Emma,
      I am so glad your enjoying the Hezicos Tarot – I feel quite connected to this deck as well and I’ve had some pretty amazing readings with it. I also struggle with the courts and Aces mainly because they are very simple and not as symbol rich as the other cards.
      Gosh, I almost feel bad for influencing your to go crazy buying decks! But I’m sure your having fun 😉


  3. Do you know what’s up w/ their website? I want to purchase but the site is not there and on amazon they want 100-200 dollars

  4. Kate!

    I have and LOVE the Hezicos Tarot. I held out a long time, though, before purchasing, b/c I was afraid

    1) That it might be too cutesy. Nope! Wonderful, straightforward, insightful reading deck.

    2) That the Courts would be difficult to intepret. Nope! Like you, I find the Court cards really engaging–almost magically so!

    I’m delighted that you like this deck as well as I do!

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