Friday’s Goddess Card: Yemanya

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Yemanya is our Friday Goddess! She represents a golden opportunity that is being offered to you. Her message is: “Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

Exciting opportunities are just around the corner, so stay open minded. If you have felt stuck lately, things are definitely shifting. If you have felt indecisive, soon things will be crystal clear.

Spending time by the water will bring you clarity on a particular issue today – but if you don’t live near water, go to an indoor pool and do some laps – the rhythmic motion of swimming will unlock the solution center in your brain.

On a side note, I want to share an interview I recently did.  The beautiful and talented Yoga Goddess Jenny Ravikumar was kind enough to interview me for her blog. Check it out!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Goddess Card: Yemanya”

  1. Yup. Me, too, Kate. Stuck and sloggy but clarity and possibilities are slipping into my awareness.

    On Facebook, I read: “Neptune goes retrograde now, indicating clarity and contemplation. We are less likely to fall for a fantasy, making reality more meaningful.”

    Right in line both with your Yemanya draw of today, and also with your weekly reading from Sunday–which I’d forgotten about until just now! Right on the mark it was, too.

    Oh, and nice interview. I left a comment, there, as well.


    1. Well, thats a relief – I could use a bit more reality in my life, I feel like my head is floating around in the clouds these days!
      Thanks for leaving a comment on my interview, I will go check it out right now 🙂

  2. Oh that’s good to know! Been feeling stuck on some things for ages and there’s been feeling like things are shifting a little now…. crystal clarity would be welcome 🙂 I like the idea of important doors will be opening now – I’ll be keeping an eye out!!

  3. She is also the mother, who gave birth to all. And in the deep ocean, keeper of mysteries and magic.


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