Daily Oracle Card Reading for Monday ~ Milky Way

Milky Way Earth Magic Oracle
Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

The message of today’s card is to step back and look at things from a larger perspective.

When you look up at the night sky and see how huge the universe is, it is hard not to feel insignificant. But I feel that what this card is saying is you should not feel insignificant, but your problems should.

Tonight, look up at the stars above you (unless you live in a perpetually cloudy place, like me!) and feel the relief that comes with realizing how unimportant your problems are in the greater scheme of things.

The message I got when meditating on this card was this: everything is temporary, in constant flux, and we are all connected. Things are constantly being created and destroyed, but we are all one, all the time. We all have an important role to play. We are all a divine piece of this universe. The more aligned we are with the present moment, the more high quality our work will be.

Have a beautiful Monday!


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