Daily Tarot Reading for Tuesday ~ Knight of Cups

knight of cups fenestra tarot
The Knight of Cups from The Fenestra Tarot

The Knight of Cups rides in to inspire you to listen to your soul’s yearnings and follow you dreams.

This Knight holds his desire and vision in high regard, despite what those around him might think. He lets his intuition, gut feelings and emotions guide him on his journey, while his intellect takes a back seat.

I feel like this card speaks most strongly to those who are creatively inclined – whether you are a visual artist, writer, actor, dancer, singer or musician.

The message is to keep going where your interests lead you and don’t forget to feed your creativity by doing things that inspire you to create. Visit an art gallery this week, go to a movie and write a review of it or dance like a crazy person to some new music – whatever gets your creative energies flowing!

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