Daily Tarot Reading for Sat & Sun ~ Ace of Wands

fenestra tarot ace of wands
Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya

This weekend will be all about ceasing opportunities as they arise – particularly opportunities for taking action in a creative, passionate way.

The Ace of Wands is a symbol of fertility – of being open to the flow of ideas and creative energy and having the inspiration and drive to create something new.

A new beginning is on the horizon and this will become clear over the weekend and early next week. You are beginning a new phase and will have access to new energies and guidance.

Ask yourself what you feel most excited about right now? What kinds of topics seem to give you limitless energy? This is where you will want to be investing your energy at this time. When a new opportunity arises, ask yourself those questions. Does the opportunity excite you? Do you feel energized at the though of it? If so, you will know you are on the right path!