Daily Oracle Reading for Friday ~ Freedom (Hina)

Ascended Masters Oracle Doreen Virtue
Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This Friday is all about embracing Freedom!    If you were free to do whatever you wanted today and nothing could stop you, what would you do?

Hina, the Goddess on this card, challenges you to truly appreciate your freedom in its many forms. Often we live with the illusion that we are trapped inside our lives and have to do things out of a certain sense of duty. Hina calls bullshit!

Hina is here to remind you that you have the freedom to create change in your life and to manifest what you truly desire. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, you too are a powerful goddess like Hina and can strut about doing whatever the hell you want. The only difference is that you have forgotten this aspect of yourself. So close your eyes right now and begin to remember…..