Daily Tarot Reading for Thursday ~ Five of Water

This card is from the Osho Zen Tarot to remind us that we all find ourselves clinging to the past from time to time. However, sometimes we do this subconsciously without really realizing how we are creating unhappiness for ourselves.

Today you will have the chance to catch yourself doing this and to really question your mind and its silly behavior. You might catch yourself re-hashing a conversation you had with someone or feeling vexed about some old disagreement or wrongdoing.

You may be able to laugh at your mind or ego, especially when you realize it is creating stress for you when in reality, there is nothing to get upset about. It’s in the past!

Today, pay special attention to how often you think about the past and ask yourself why. Do you have unfinished business? If so, what can you do today so that you can move forward in your life? When we cling to the past we miss out on the present moment – which is where all the awesomeness is!!!

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2 Responses to Daily Tarot Reading for Thursday ~ Five of Water

  1. Chetan says:

    You say on your “About” page that your daily readings are not personalized but are intended for anyone who is drawn to your blog. I am a little amused because this particular message does reflect what is going on in a certain area of my life right now. If there is one thing I really need in my life right now it is to be reminded of the need to stay in the present moment.

    Anyway, I know far too little about tarot to say anything meaningful, but I do like what you write. I am quite intrigued by this all because it looks like a genuine meditative process even though it is so different from anything I have seen or experienced so far. I am really intrigued by how this works though I would be more interested in learning how to do it myself rather than having someone else do a reading for me. So I really appreciate how generously you seem to share what you know.

    • kate says:

      Hi Chetan,
      I am really happy that the reading resonated with you on a personal level! Learning to read tarot is so much fun and once you have a basic understanding of how to do a reading for yourself, its a wonderful tool to have when your feeling like you could use a little bit of guidance in your life. I plan to create lots of “how to” videos and fun learning exercises on my website for those wanting to learn about how to read tarot for themselves. Thanks for checking out my site!!!

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