Daily Tarot Reading for Friday ~ Clearing

self care cards by cheryl richardson
Self Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s daily tarot reading is all about clearing out the old “junk” in order to find new freedom and inspiration.

Take an honest look at your life and decide what needs to go. Perhaps there is a belief or thought pattern that you need to let go of, or clutter that is creating messiness and stress in your home. Whatever it is, find a way to clear it out of your life for good.

Creating some kind of clearing ritual may be of help today. For example, write down on a little scrap of paper what it is you want to clear from your life and then burn it. Or, before you begin your meditation, set the intention to clear from your life all that holds you back and drains your energy. Then imagine yourself exhaling out all the things you want to let go of, feeling your body become lighter each time you breath out.

This will let you begin your weekend feeling light and free!!

2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot Reading for Friday ~ Clearing”

  1. If I were to tell you just how literally this applies to my current situation, I think you would be very surprised. I know you draw these cards for whoever is drawn to this blog. But, as I said, for some peculiar reason, the last few cards have been a very spooky representation of my life.

    Today and tomorrow I am occupied in something that is genuinely about cleaning, about ending something tiresome, about beginning anew. And not in a small way, but in a very big way – I am talking about life-changing events. So while these cards over the last few days may mean something to everyone, the way they apply to my life could not really be described as a coincidence. I suppose when help arrives it comes in from all sorts of places.

    1. Chetan, that is really exciting to hear! It seems like my readings and your life events are really in sync at the moment. I love hearing about this sort of thing – its what makes tarot reading feel so magical!

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