Daily Oracle Card Reading for Thursday

purification white tara oracle card
Ascended Masters Oracle by Doreen Virtue

Today’s daily oracle card is Purification ~ White Tara. The need for cleansing and clearing are indicated by this card, on both physical and energetic levels.

Habits, thoughts, emotions and energies are held within our auric fields and need to be periodically cleansed so we don’t get stuck in a rut and bogged down with all the buildup.

Breathing techniques such as Kapalabhati breath can help cleanse your body of toxins, as well as infrared saunas, yoga, vigorous exercise and drinking plenty of water with lemon juice. And you can cleanse your mind of old thought forms through regular meditation.

Avoiding things that bring your energy down to a low state is also a form of purification. Try going a day or two without listening, watching or reading the news and notice how much more energized you feel.

Ask yourself: What can I do today that would help cleanse my mind, body and spirit?

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