Four of Cups ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Friday

fenestra tarot
Four of Cups from The Fenestra Tarot

The Four of Cups tarot card suggests you could be feeling a little apathetic about something today. An opportunity that just doesn’t excite you may arise this afternoon. Or you could just be feeling generally uninspired about what the weekend has to offer.

Don’t pass up a good opportunity just because you are feeling kind of blah. However, if alone time is what you need, don’t hesitate to take a break from the rat-race to recharge your batteries.

This card can come up when you are feeling indifferent about things you used to be excited about. If what used to thrill you just makes you feel tired, ask yourself what has changed. What was it about this hobby, job or person that was so appealing to you before? What is unappealing about it now?

You can break out of this rut by doing something totally unexpected and out of the ordinary today (or this weekend). Try an activity that you always wanted to try – go indoor rock climbing or go to a bellydance class. Go to a movie by yourself (if you don’t normally do this), or spend the day at the beach, reading a trashy novel. Do whatever it takes to shake things up!

The Four of Cups Tarot Card is here to remind you that only you can change your energy – don’t wait for someone else to sweep in and do it for you!


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