Flow of Prosperity (Lakshmi) ~ Oracle Card for Tuesday

lakshmi oracle cardProsperity will be flowing today, so sit back, relax and enjoy it! Take pleasure in receiving gifts, compliments and money today. Keep the flow going by being equally generous in your outpouring of kind words and favors. If you have been waiting for a day to splurge on something or take yourself out for a fancy lunch – today is the day!

The important message that this card brings is that prosperity is healthiest when there is an equal in-flow and out-flow. If you would like to be more abundant, don’t hoard your existing wealth and get comfortable with receiving help, whether it is emotional or financial help. The more you receive, the more you will be able to give at a later time.

The two main things that block us from being more prosperous is fear (which makes us want to hoard what we do have) and a lack of self love (which makes us feel unworthy of receiving financial and other types of abundance). When we finally let go of fear and embrace self-love, our world will be very different!

You will have many opportunities to give and receive prosperity today, as well as opportunities to practice letting go of fear and celebrating your self and how far you have come.


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