The Hermit ~ Tarot Card for Monday

Intuitive Tarot
The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

The Hermit tarot card is all about taking comfort in solitude and shining the light of consciousness and inner wisdom on your life.

When you look at this card you see scary creatures lurking in the dark corners. This represents the idea that we fear what we do not understand. There are no frightening creatures in the light. When you notice your fears come up, shine the light of awareness on it. The more you know about and are aware of your fears, the less power they will hold over you.

Nearly every negative feeling we have can be traced back to fear. So when a negative feeling arises today, ask yourself what the original fear is. Get to know your fears – where did they originate from? How do they effect you in your day to day life? What would it be like if that fear disappeared? What kinds of things can you do to help dissipate this fear?

The Hermit tarot card encourages you to explore your inner life through meditation. Your meditation could take many forms, such as yoga, writing, walking, art, dance or gardening – whatever allows you to connect with that wise, ancient part of yourself.

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