Daily Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Forest (Breath)

Today’s daily oracle card invites you to explore the calming power of your breath and the grounding energy of the forest.

If you feel stressed today, remember to breathe. Connect to your breath by letting your attention focus solely on your breathing – even just for a minute. Draw your breath deep into your belly and on the exhale, send your energy down your legs and into the ground.

With every inhale, your body is in receptive mode and then switches to a more outward giving mode on the exhale. Your ability to take deep, nourishing breaths is tied to your ability to receive guidance and inspiration from your higher self.

The exhale is related to how well you are able to express that guidance and inspiration and manifest your visions in the physical world. So spend time connecting with your breath and work towards improving how you breathe, as your breathing effects your overall health and happiness.


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