Ace of Cups ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Friday!

Happy Friday! Today’s tarot card is the Ace of Cups. Abundance, good feelings and joy will be in large supply for you today as you enjoy good times with friends and family.

You may be feeling extra social today and others will be drawn to your natural enthusiasm and upbeat attitude. Take stock of everything in your life that you enjoy and that brings you happiness, as this will put you in an even better mood.

Today is the perfect day to meet new people or join a social group of some kind. Since the Ace of Cups is a card of beginnings, as all Aces are, this suggests that you will have an easy time forming new friendships today and going into the weekend.

The other message I got with this card was that it is really important to foster emotional connections with others today. Be heart centered in your communications with those around you and don’t be afraid to show your emotions, particularly when expressing gratitude and appreciation for someone in your life.

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