Osho Zen Tarot Card for Wednesday ~ We Are The World

Today’s Osho Zen Tarot card is Ten of Rainbows (aka Ten of Pentacles): We Are The World. This card brings you a strong message that we are all one and everything is connected and interdependent of each other.

Spend a moment today reflecting on this statement: we are one. And notice what feelings it brings up for you – for example, do you feel relieved, relaxed, or anxious and confused?

Today is the day to make the shift from competition to collaboration. Don’t waste your time trying to be the best and instead focus on how you can connect with those around you. With this shift, you will also find yourself moving from fear into love.

The message I got from this Osho Zen Tarot card was crystal clear today: Love yourself, love others and love the world ~ we are one!


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2 Responses to Osho Zen Tarot Card for Wednesday ~ We Are The World

  1. Trina Dela-Curva says:

    I am faced with an impending layoff, and am training two others how-to do my job! Trying to connect with a higher heart,I am purposing to see everyone around me as connected, and trying to deal with all of this from love and interconnectedness. Needless today, this card for today absolutely floored me!

    • kate says:

      Wow! That sounds like quite a challenging situation – good for you Trina, for taking the approach that you are, as that can’t be easy to do. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you – I am sure that it will.

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