Oracle Card Reading for Wednesday ~ Think Big!

dog oracle card
Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today’s Oracle Card Reading is all about expanding your perception of what is possible. This Guidance Dogs oracle card, represented by the Chihuahua encourages you to Think Big, even if you feel small right now.

As you open your mind to what is possible, your life also opens up. Your beliefs shape your experience and so as you change your beliefs about what is possible, your reality will bend its shape to fit with your new outlook.

Changing your core beliefs isn’t always easy, and I have found that its best to start by accepting where you are at right now. Acknowledge your limiting beliefs and decide to love and accept yourself anyway.

Since its pretty hard to go from limited thinking to expanded thinking in a day, focus on gradually and gently opening your mind up to greater possibilities. Here’s an affirmation I like to use:
Even though I find it hard to believe_________________, I am willing to open my mind to the possibility.

And last but not least, sometimes we are afraid to dream big. We may fear disappointment if our dreams don’t come true, or overwhelm and rejection if they do manifest! For this reason, it is important to connect a feeling of safety with our expanded life vision. The following affirmation helps soothe that sense of anxiety:  It is safe for me to be successful/powerful/free (or whatever it is you want).

Try working with these affirmations as think and dream big – and watch as your life transforms!

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  1. It is always important to Think Big, when you Think Big you have more room to create with, more room to attract and invite things into your life.

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