Courage ~ Oracle Card for Friday!

Self Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Happy Friday! The oracle card for today is Courage and the message on the back of this card is “take the leap! Your courage will see you through.”

You have it in you to fully merge with your lion-nature and tap into your courageous, brave self when it comes to making decisions, asserting your needs and stepping outside of your comfort zones.

You might be feeling particularly daring and brave today! The sword in the card represents cutting free your attachments to things that do not assist you on your journey. The mountains in the background show that you are an adventurer – not necessarily in the typical sense, but in a more spiritual sense.

Don’t be afraid to go leaps and bounds out of your comfort zone today – you have unseen support systems helping you all the way.

🙂 Question: how will YOU be courageous today?

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