Queen of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday!

fenestra tarot
Fenestra Tarot

Wednesday’s Tarot card is the majestic Queen of Pentacles and she appears to us on a very special day – 12.12.12! Today is the last time in our lives that a day/month/year will have the same number. The Queen’s message is clear – work on grounding yourself,staying centered, building your confidence and maintaining your physical health.

If you have been worrying about money lately, you may have some insights and shifts around this area today. Your confidence issues and money issues go hand in hand – so if you are struggling with money, working on your confidence will help in a big way.

Physical health is also tied to money and confidence issues – its all connected! Support your body and energy by eating fresh, whole foods, drinking lots of water and getting the exercise and rest your body craves. When your physical systems are humming along, its easier to focus on things that are important to you.


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  1. I noticed that the 12.12.12 also suggests “3.3.3,” the number of the Empress, which I very much associate as the “higher octave” of the Queen of Pentacles!

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