Eight of Cups Tarot Card for Monday

The Eight of Cups is today’s Tarot card and it comes with the message of moving on and seeking greater fulfillment. You know what you need to let go of and as you do so, this will help create space for new energy and abundance.

I get a strong sense that this card is related to clearing clutter! If you are feeling bogged down by stacks of paper and other clutter in your living and work space, take an hour or more to clear things out.

Sometimes its hard to let go of things – you might have an emotional attachment to the “junk” that is kicking around your life. So for each item of “clutter” ask yourself how much pleasure you get from it. This will help determine what needs to go and what can stay.

Look into Feng Shui and creating sacred space this week. Once you have let go of all the useless junk you have been holding onto, you will be amazed at how light and free you feel….like you can take on the world!

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