Air Princess ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday!

mystic tarot
The Mystic Tarot by Caroline Smith & Mystic Meg

Today’s Tarot card is the Air Princess, also known as Page of Swords, from the Mystic Tarot. You have been gifted with intellect and mental ability – but remember to use it and not let it use you!

If you feel scattered today, its possible that your thoughts are the culprit. Don’t make any big decisions unless you feel totally certain and confident. And remember to breathe! – the power of the breath (air) is your greatest ally during times of mental confusion.

Spend some time today just breathing. Taking deep breaths throughout the day will help calm and energize your mind, as well as prevent your thoughts from spinning out of control.

I feel the Air Princess Tarot card relates strongly to yesterday’s card, the 8 of Cups, in that clearing clutter (in this case, mental clutter) is the theme of this week!

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