Eight of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Monday

hanson roberts tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

The Eight of Pentacles is the Tarot card for today and it is all about hard work! (zzzzzz) But more than just about hard work – its about making sure that if you are working hard you are working toward something that has meaning for you.

Today is all about buckling down, getting focused and being truly productive. The reward from this intense dedication is in the work itself – putting your energy into creating something worthwhile.

You are making enormous headway right now, but you won’t realize it until later on down the road. There is a time for dreaming, planning, action and celebration and right now you are in the action/creation stage of things. Its a great place to be!

Just make sure that your goal has personal value to you and that you take regular breaks to renew your creative energy – its easy to get caught up in “getting things done” without seeing the big picture.

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