Higher Self ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

sirian starseed tarot cardToday I shuffled my Sirian Starseed Tarot deck and out jumped Higher Self (aka The High Priestess). This card’s message is that it is time to consult your Higher Self on an issue. Don’t delay! This will bring you a kind of clarity and comfort that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and go within. Imagine there is an eternal, kind and wise being residing within you – ask this being any questions you may have and then wait patiently for a response. Write down any impressions, messages or feelings you get.

Also, pay special attention to your dreams right now, as your Higher Self will try to relay messages to you through symbols and emotions in your dreams. You might even want to ask your Higher Self to contact you during your dreams before going to sleep tonight.

Today is also a good day for discovering a new spiritual practice, book, website or CD that will help you get in closer contact with your Higher Self. Similarly, you may meet someone, such as a spiritual teacher or a friend who tells you about a class, that further propels you on your spiritual path.

1 thought on “Higher Self ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday”

  1. Okay, Kate, I took you at your word and added a mantra to my meditation, today.

    It’s funny, I’d read a passage in a book in which the author was describing using this particular mantra (Om Mani Padme Om), and although I’ve never been a mantra-user, wondered if I might like trying it. Your post today was the impetus to just go ahead!


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