Ten of Cups Tarot Card Reading for Friday :)

new palladini tarot ten of cups
The New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini

Today’s Tarot card, the Ten of Cups is a happy card carrying the message that joy and emotional fulfillment can be a reality for you and not just some far off dream.

However, the rainbow symbolizes things that look great from afar. The rainbow is elusive, and if you try to find its exact location you will be searching forever. Happiness and fulfillment are very similar!

The more you chase after happiness, the more it will elude you. If you tell yourself that “happiness” is something in the distance that will only be yours once certain criteria are met, you will be forever pining after it.

Happiness is not something outside of you – it is you! And it is available here and now for you, regardless of whether or not you life is “ideal” and perfect. The belief that something outside yourself will make you emotionally fulfilled is an illusion. Its wonderful to have dreams and goals, but they alone will not bring you joy and fulfillment – only you can do that for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Ten of Cups Tarot Card Reading for Friday :)”

  1. Oh, yeah, I’m still talking . . .

    So, I re-read your post, and then thought to click on the card pic, just to see it bigger. What a beautiful 10 of Cups! And I really like the way you prop your cards on different things–here, the crystals surrounding it add a nice touch.

    But importantly, the castle in the image looks so much like the big house I’m going to–which is in the hills (very unusual topography for Florida). Yup. I’m definitely going to be loved and loving this weekend.

    Thanks for the blessing.

  2. Oh, yay!

    I did a three-card draw earlier this morning, and it described the first half of my day perfectly: Strength, Knight of Wands, Tower. I needed strength to deal with the adolescent kids (Knights of Wands, every freakin’ one of ’em) in the tour group I led at the Museum this morning. And The Tower (from the Housewives Tarot–which shows a towering Jello mold with a fake-smiling woman wobbling on the top of it) described exactly how I felt by about halfway through that tour. I was still smiling, but the whole thing was about to come crashing down!

    Now, I’m off to north Florida to teach a one-day intensive (tomorrow). Tonight will be the hostess and another writer and myself. And though I was a little bit thinking “not so fun” when I mentioned it to you earlier in the week, now, especially with the Ten of Cups blessing the second half of my day, I’m thinking I might really enjoy their company much more than I was anticipating.

    At any rate, because of your reading, I’m going up with a much more open, relaxed, and loving attitude–I will be happy NOW AND then!

    See how good you are?

    1. Ignoring, for the moment, my Inner Sex Vixen (wink!), I just want to say that I always forget the down-side of the Ten of Cups. And now I remember! The Tens are so much about a LOT of the energy of the suit, right? And a LOT of emotional energy, which I experienced this weekend away, even though it was positive, positive, positive, leaves a person feeling like they have over-indulged.

      I looked up “surfeit” to be more precise . . .
      Noun: An excessive amount of something: “a surfeit of food and drink”.
      Verb: Cause (someone) to desire no more of something as a result of having consumed or done it to excess.

      Yup. Ten of Cups.

      a fully surfeited jme

  3. I like the way you interpret the cards bringing better into focus. I thought at first the ten of hearts would have no meaning for my situation but it really is one of many credoes I live by. Happiness is a choice.

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