Six of Arrows ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

wildwood tarot

Wildwood Tarot

Six of Arrows (aka Six of Swords) is today’s Tarot Card and the theme is Transition.

Whether you realize it or not, you are transitioning from one place to another and you are divinely guided and protected as you make this move.

The Six of Swords can represent a physical move to a new location or a change in career/job, but it most often symbolizes a shift in perception and belief. You are leaving your negative mindset behind and traversing the waters of possibility and positive thought.

You may feel somewhat apprehensive about this, which is natural. If fear comes up for you in this time of great discovery and release, call upon your angels, spirit guides, higher self, or otherworldly allies to help you comfortably integrate these changes in your life. They are always there for you and want you to succeed!

Wild Sisterhood

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13 Responses to Six of Arrows ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    I love this Six of Swords. It’s one of my favorite cards, anyway (as a Swords-like person), but also this particular image really lifts my spirits. Thank you for sharing it with us, today.

  2. stephen says:

    Love your website and videos!
    I had to comment on this because I have been pulling this card for the last few weeeks or more. Also, I pulled it twice, meaning there were two 6 of swords in my RW deck I have had for 25 years or so. I had no idea there were two until I pulled the two in sequence. I have pulled the extra card out but the remaining one came out in my daily read today. I thought it an odd thing. I suppose the cards do preach sometimes.
    Nevertheless, much thanks for all of your insight and intuition.

    • kate says:

      Thank you, Stephen! That is the weirdest thing – having an extra card in your deck – I have never heard of that happening. That is truly bizarre. Well, I hope it made sense for you when you got the six of swords twice and you weren’t left scratching your head about it!

      • stephen says:

        It did at first just because…well it was there looking at me but as I looked more deeoly into the 6 I felt it was the best message for me now. And the single one still comes up so I am good with it.
        Thanks for the comment. Happy Valentines to you.

    • Jamie Morris says:

      Steven! That’s CRAZY! But I love the Six of Swords, so if you have to have a duplicate in your deck, that’s a great one, I think.

      Did you check to see if something else is missing? Unlike Kate, I have heard others talk about having duplicates and missing cards in brand-new decks. I always do a run-through when I get a new deck–and check twice if I’ve purchased a used deck!

      But this actually seems like more fun.

      • stephen says:

        Spelling happens with my name daily! As for my cards I bought the deck in like 1979, so they are sort of old and I have just started using them with frequency the last 6 months or so – or more maybe. I am still a novice.I never have checked all of the cards, but the majors are all there. Pulling this card sequentially was an odd feeling. I had to do a double take but all in all it brought me closer to my deck and it has been much more direct since the double card. Every person I have asked has never had this happen…so Again I am pleased it was the card it was. I appreciate your thought.

        • Jamie Morris says:


          It’s so lovely that you have had one deck for so long. What deck is it?

          Also, funny, I did my own daily draw after reading this and used three cards. As I was reading the “story” the cards were telling me, the central card (The Fool), seemed to belong in two places at once.

          In my journal, I actually wrote, “If I had two Fool cards, I would put the second one at the beginning of the sequence.”

          And then I came back, saw your comment, and realized if it had been YOUR deck I was reading from, I might have had two Fools!

          Happy V’Day.

          • stephen says:

            I have the Rider Waite deck, it’s the only one I have. What is – are – yours?
            I am very fond of the Fool- it is the “get out of jail free card” a wish card.
            I am glad you had the thought and experience today with your spread. I have been pullling the 8 of wands with frequency as well. Odd how in my case a certain card will pop up alot.
            Happy V’Day to you too.

      • Jamie Morris says:

        Hey, Stephen–

        I’m so taken with your idea of The Fool as a get-out-of-jail-free card or a wish card! I’ll add those to my working ideas of it. Thanks!

        It’s cool how, over time, and through readings and conversation, the cards accrue more and more meaning.

        The first deck I ever saw was a 1971 Rider Waite. It was my dad’s, given to him by a student. I was 15–and I fell in love with the images. But I never actually owned a RW until last year, when I found a 1971 edition online. It came smelling of cigarette smoke, which I found charming, as it reminded me even more of my dad! (And the smoke smell eventually went away. But it still makes me think of my dad.)

        I have about a dozen decks in regular rotation. But that might be because I’m insane. Or because I love the art. Or because there’s some actual merit in having different decks to choose from. Not sure which. (And I’ve traded or given away at least as many–if not more.) But almost all of them are based on the RW system. It’s what caught me from the first, and what I stick with.

        Are you happy as a one-deck guy? Or are you thinking to expand your horizons? I think there’s great benefit to both ends of this spectrum–and to every stop along the way.

        It’s been fun talking with you! I hope to chat again.

        • stephen says:

          I lied! I do have another deck that I forgot about and have used twice – The Book of Shadows by Scott Rosenberg. So there – and I would like to branch out with some others but I do love the imagry of the RW and i am getting to know it better so I will always ( I think) prefer it but that could change. I need to do a class or something. What is your #2 deck?
          I laughed at your ” because I’m Insane” comment, I really did…and the Dad thing and the cigarette smell. Mine have been in the same box since I bought them, a Silk Chinese thing… So, then I clicked your name and find you are a writing coach!!! We must keep in touch.

          • Jamie Morris says:


            See? I’m a writing coach on a deadline with a critique who would much rather be talking tarot with my new tarot buddy!

            Whoa! I just went and looked at some images of The Book of Shadows. That is an intense deck! At least from what I could see on-line.

            The RW(S) (the S, for Smith, the artist) is such a great deck–but some newer decks seem to offer a more immediate experience, almost inviting the viewer into the images, and by contrast, sometimes, to me, the RWS can seem a little stodgy.

            And all of that was a stall, while I decide what my #2 deck is. So, probably, I’ve got two very heavy-hitters: These are The Tarot of the Sidhe (pronounced, “she,” and referring to the not-at-all-cute faery folk that live in the hollow hills!) and The Glastonbury Tarot.

            Among my tarot acquaintance, almost NO ONE likes these decks–but they give me really deep reading experiences, mostly for myself.

            I just got (and trimmed) a fairly new deck, The Dreaming Way Tarot. It’s super-quirky, but has lovely, story-telling images, and that’s a feature I really like. If a deck seems static to me, it’s hard for me to read, as I like to create narratives from my draws.

            So, there. That’s three of mine to two of yours. You’d better go shopping.


            P.S. I wasn’t going to admit it, in case you were to condemn my taste . . . but a friend sent me The Housewives Tarot recently, and I’ve gotten some amazingly literal readings from it. Hey. Walk a mile in my stilettos before you judge.

  3. Angelia Branch says:

    Beautiful card! Very welcome message for today. My thanks to you. Anj

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