Page of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday!

page of swords paulina tarot

Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Page of Swords from the Paulina Tarot is today’s card and he comes with a warning: don’t speak until you have thought things through.

If you are feeling particularly annoyed with someone, you may be tempted to write them a snippy email or give them a piece of your mind. Put some distance between the event that upset you and your response – give yourself time to calm down, collect your thoughts and evaluate your feelings.

The Page of Swords can also indicate feeling uncertain about something. If you feel this way, use the power of your pen to sift through your feelings. Write out all your concerns on paper (you can shred or burn the paper after if you are worried about others finding it). Once you have your thoughts down on paper, chances are they won’t be swirling about in your mind, making you all crazy!

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8 Responses to Page of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday!

  1. mj says:


    Wow, this was an amazing card for you to pull today for me at least. I have very recently realised some things that were going on in my life and the thoughts I have had have been very powerful and empowering for me, but the insights I have come to realise are so new and eye opening that I have been feeling quite fragile. Today, I was going to open up to a person who is very close to me about what I have come to learn and a voice said in my head.. You aren’t strong enough yet with what you have learned. So I am waiting until these new ideas and life changing attitudes become more solid for me. Thank you!

    • kate says:

      Hi MJ – that is a wise decision! I feel the same way about sharing my dreams with close friends and family – first, I give my dreams a chance to take root and feel “real” before I share it with others – otherwise we can be ultra sensitive to others reactions. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    Uh-oh. I’m not feeling snarky or spicy at the moment, but I will keep this in mind as my day unfolds! Thanks for the heads-up.


    • Jamie Morris says:

      Ah . . . and the follow-up. While I was waiting what seemed an inordinately long time for my appointment with the tax preparer today, and starting to feel impatient and like I was going to say something about it, I remembered this draw and your insight.

      Thanks! It was probably MUCH better that I didn’t snip at my accountant!


  3. Wulfie says:

    This is spot on for my Hubs. Oy, the day he had yesterday!

  4. Viviana Molina says:

    Thanks! This really helped today. Its difficult to communicate something to the ones you love when you have all this craziness in the way and they are particularly annoying. Will give it a try today!

  5. Tameko says:

    This is interesting. ‘Cause I kind of feel like this happened yesterday evening. Although, we’ll see how today plays out…but for me, it hasn’t wanting to write anyone a mean note or letter, it’s been feeling uncertain about something more than anything. I’ll have to write it out and see what comes up for me and burn it up. 🙂 Thanks Kate.

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