Ace of Swords! Tarot Card for Monday

ace of swords
Robin Wood Tarot

What a great way to begin the week! The Ace of Swords swoops in today to encourage you to cease the day, take on the challenge and cut away all that holds you back.

A fresh new beginning is being presented to you, but it is entirely up to you to take that first step and accept what is being offered. The Ace of Swords could represent a new job, a new project, a bright idea, a course or workshop…

Don’t let the usual things hold you back today. Just notice them – but don’t give them any power. Better yet, cut away the cords that bind you, so you can move forward in a fearless, free fashion 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ace of Swords! Tarot Card for Monday”

  1. I also see the Ace of Swords as double edged. One side has the peaceful olive branch and the other the wrath of the palm. I look to the surrounding cards to see if the ace is negatime or positive.

    Lovely motivational message in your post. I drew this card today with judgement.

  2. Such a fabulous, specific, directed follow-up on the week-reading, don’t you think? And, yes, ma’am, I LOVE a good ol’ dose of the Ace of Swords. I think you cut (haahhahah) right to the chase with this one.


  3. This is perfect advice for a Monday–in my tradition Lucero Mundo rules Mondays and this is what he would do. Exactly!

  4. CORTAR CON LO QUE TE DETIENE… Maravilloso, un mensaje realizado para mi.
    Gracias amiga virtual.

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