Seven of Swords: What are you avoiding? (Monday)

Monday’s Tarot card is the Seven of Swords and it suggests you are trying to sneak away from something.

It can be tempting to shirk responsibility for something, especially if that something feels out of your comfort zone and a bit scary.

Normally I am all about shirking responsibility, but this time it feels like you need to persevere and not give up just because something is difficult.

Most importantly, don’t run from your thoughts today….observe them carefully because they hold the key to what is really going on with you. Examine your thoughts as if they were a sly intruder who has snuck into your mind and is plotting mischief!

In the comments below, spill the beans on what it is that you are avoiding today…

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6 Responses to Seven of Swords: What are you avoiding? (Monday)

  1. Antonio says:

    Just wanted to report that because of the advice I went ahead and stopped avoiding, with extremely positive results,

    Thanks for the push.

  2. Antonio says:

    I am avoiding sharing a dream, because it is, well “scary” not as in nightmare, but as in what it reveals.

  3. Jamie Morris says:

    Jeez, Kate, are you, like, INSIDE MY SKULL?????

    What I’m avoiding is something that came up yesterday in a conversation with a friend early in the morning and then was repeated LATE at night by new–and much loved–Shakespeare-Oracle-which-is-really-a-full-tarot.

    Three times on the same topic? I’m crying, Uncle!


    • Jamie Morris says:

      P.S. Because you TOLD me to, I called a friend and talked with her about the issue–and she is going to help me to consider it further when we get together next week. Just telling her made me feel better. You might end up hearing about it more, too.

      • Kate says:

        Oh, thats great! I am excited that my reading closely fit whats going on for you in your life right now 🙂 I am going to look into that Shakespeare oracle…

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