Ten of Pentacles: Smart Business Advice (Tuesday)

The Ten of Pentacles is here to remind you to be smart in your dealings with others.

You may want to be 100% open and honest, but know that there is a way to be “transparent” without revealing everything. Its okay to keep your cards close to your chest today.

If someone wants to do a business/services trade with you, only do so if you actually think you will benefit from it. Don’t just agree to a crappy deal because you want to seem nice.

This card often represents the realm of business and the “marketplace” – so if you have your own business and want to share it with my audience, you may do so right here.

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1 Response to Ten of Pentacles: Smart Business Advice (Tuesday)

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hmm. Tricky looking Ten of Pents, Kate.

    I had an idea to share with someone–a business-y sort of thing–and won’t get a chance to discuss it with them until tomorrow evening. I wonder if this energy will still apply.

    I know! I’ll ask you tomorrow night!


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