Eight of Swords – See Your Problems as a Game (Tuesday)

The Eight of Swords comes today to remind you of why you create “problems” in your life.

From the perspective of your Higher Self, you create problems so you can learn to heal and create change for yourself. In other words, your problems and challenges exist to help you become skilled at creating peace and joy for yourself.

Think of your “problems” as a game and get creative thinking of different ways you might shift things. The woman in this card is here by her own accord – no one put her there and no one will rescue her – it is up to her to untie herself and lift her blindfold.

Once you see your problems as something that is self created, you are free to have fun with them – this sounds a bit “out there”, I know! But looking at your life in this way can create a sense of peace and freedom.

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11 Responses to Eight of Swords – See Your Problems as a Game (Tuesday)

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    I love this idea of problems we create ourselves! I will never look at this card the same way again! (And my clients aren’t going to be getting much sympathy from me when this card shows up in their readings, either!)


    • Jamie Morris says:

      Well, that didn’t take long, Kate! Today (Friday), I did a reading for a client who had the Eight of Swords in the crossing position in their Celtic Cross. Thank heavens I had something smart to tell her!


  2. Mary says:

    I have printed out your write-up and hung it in my working. Thumbs up!

  3. Denise Suttie says:

    Hi Kate, lovely take on the 8 of Swords! I feel the same way about this card and the Swords in general–that they are our way of making things change and that life is only a game which we often take far too seriously.
    Thank you for my daily ” fix “

  4. Ellen says:

    Perhaps that is why the older we become the wiser we get. We see through our own mindgames and patterns and it becomes more natural to remove the blindfold and the ropes and see clearly what has to be done and what has to change

    • Antonio says:

      Ohhhhh that age was the only solution!!! lol

    • Kate says:

      Yes, I think with age we have more opportunities to see through our own mindgames and ego – whether one takes those opportunities or not depends on the individual!

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