Lion Courage! ~ Tarot Card for Oct 14 – 20

Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke

This week is all about finding your strength and expressing it compassionately.

In order to be truly courageous, you must also be centered in your heart. How do you do this? Work towards dissolving the fear within you.

Being riddled with fear stops you from being courageous and feeling love for life and humanity. But don’t focus too much on fear, as that will only make you more fearful!

Instead, focus on feeling safe. This doesn’t mean staying within your comfort zone – it means stepping out of your comfort zone, but feeling safe while doing so.

You may want to work with an affirmation this week, such as “I am safe and divinely protected at all times.” Whenever you feel fear creeping in, repeat this affirmation.

Another trick you can try when you feel the need for a dose of courage, is imagine you have a giant lion standing next to you, ready to defend you if need be. Notice how different you carry yourself when you do this.

You will be amazed at what you can do when you are no longer ruled by fear!

5 thoughts on “Lion Courage! ~ Tarot Card for Oct 14 – 20”

  1. Ah, this makes so much sense! I’ve been afraid to pull the trigger and to step outside of my comfort zone on something just recently, and while I still need to probably think about what might be holding me back, it isn’t gonna hurt me to just give it a try. (& I can always do something different if it doesn’t quite work out). I am going to keep that affirmation in mind. Thanks for reminding me to not let nerves get the best of me. n_n

  2. Weirdly, I came to a grinding halt on the Portland Tarot project exactly on the Strength card. I lost strength, lost momentum, lost courage. All of a sudden I felt like I couldn’t write one more word–about Strength or anything else.

    I’m hoping my little break will help me get back on the lion’s back . . .

    (pitiful) jme

  3. That last advice is great! I’v tried it but I did choose a bear at the time! The Strength card has become one of my most befriended cards

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