Tarot Card for Wednesday ~ 9 of Pentacles!

9 pentacles

Tarot of the Mermaids

Today’s Tarot card is the Nine of Pentacles and it is all about discovering the treasures you already have. It is tempting to think about what you want to manifest, but this cards suggests you actually don’t need all that stuff.

You have a treasure trove of inner riches that are still waiting to be explored! I am talking about your untapped psychic potential, your inner blissful states that can be achieved through meditation, and much more!

You don’t need tv, shopping malls and internet – exploring your consciousness and energy is fascinating enough, even though you may not have considered this. So consider it now!

Tonight, instead of plugging into something electronic, go within and see what’s there. Get quiet and then…watch and wait…see what happens!


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5 Responses to Tarot Card for Wednesday ~ 9 of Pentacles!

  1. Chang says:


    What a lovely card, I think its good that you’re staying a breast of things.

    I think its cards like this that will create a market for something like ‘The Girls From Hooters’ Tarot Deck.

    Well, I’m feeling thirsty now, Got Milk? Heh, heh…

    • Kate says:

      you’d better trademark your idea for a Hooter’s deck, Chang, before someone steals your idea! If you find this card titillating, you should see the rest of the deck.

      • Chang says:

        I was going to say that she has a nice chest, but I didn’t want to diminish her beauty. I guess you could say I like the hole thing, yuk yuk…

  2. Ellen says:

    Although I prefer the woman in the garden I do love your interpretation of this card.
    I have been meditating more regularly lately and I find it very pleasing

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