Where to Keep Your Tarot Cards When Your Not Using Them

Where do you keep your Tarot cards when your not using them?

Under the kitchen sink in a ziploc bag? Or on a bed of angel feathers and pixie dust?

But most importantly….

Does how you store your Tarot deck effect the accuracy of your readings?

I get asked these two questions all the time and I often hear from people who feel really guilty that they have been keeping an old deck in a dusty box in the back of their closet for years.

So here’s where I keep my Tarot and Oracle cards:


This is my “tarot cubby-hole” in my coffee table. And yes, that box on the bottom is also full of decks!

As for my Tarot decks that are well loved, but just having a little rest, they reside in here:


This is a special Tarot box that my dad carved for me. Have a peek inside….



I also store my incense in here, which makes my cards smell very mystical!

And another special Tarot box my dad made me…..


tarot box 3This one’s also stashed with smelly incense and awesome Tarot decks!

I even have some of my decks stored on my bookshelf (which is totally boring, but I like the way the boxes look!)



If I am using a deck quite frequently (like everyday), I will just keep it on my coffee table with a quartz crystal on top:

tarot deck with crystal (2)
My beloved Mystic Meg Tarot

Of course if you live in a busy household full of nefarious children and pets, you might not want to leave your cards just sitting out. My partner is the only other person in my home and he has no interest whatsoever in my cards! So I know they’re safe on my coffee table.

Should you wrap your Tarot deck in silk or is it okay to leave it in it’s original box?

I like to wrap mine in silk, but since I only have a couple silk cloths, the rest stay in their original boxes, which is perfectly okay. Actually, if you have many Tarot decks, they are easier to find if you keep them in their original boxes!

I have some of my decks in little mesh and cotton bags, which were actually lavender sachets that I emptied out and converted into Tarot bags.

So if you have a Tarot deck that’s collecting dust somewhere…

Ask yourself if you really want to keep it. Are you neglecting it because you don’t really like it? If so, donate it to the thrift store, give it to a friend or if you live in an apartment building, leave it down in the lobby and someone who is meant to have it will.

Now go buy yourself a new deck, whose images and energy make you happy. You can check out my recommendations for ideas.

But if its just lack of time and/or Tarot know-how that is keeping you from playing with your Tarot cards, then by all means, dust them off and go listen to my free, 10 minute tutorial to help you connect with your cards and give yourself a reading (even if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing!)

Now for the real question: will your readings be effected by how you store your Tarot deck?

Yes and no. How you feel about your Tarot cards will effect your readings. So if you feel disconnected to your Tarot cards, and as a result keep them in an old junk box in your basement sandwiched between your New Kids on the Block cassettes and a stack of yellowed Harlequins, then yes, your Tarot readings with that deck will be super shitty.

But if you keep your cards stashed under your coffee table and feel great about it (like me!) then you have nothing to worry about.

You don’t need to wrap your cards in silk and keep them somewhere sacred in order to have a good reading experience. But if doing so makes you feel good about your cards, then do it!

What’s important is that you feel good about how your storing your Tarot deck. So if you feel guilty about how you treat your cards, its time for a change. Start treating your Tarot deck like a treasured guest and notice how your readings improve.

So now I want to know – how do you store your Tarot cards? Tell me everything in the comments below πŸ™‚

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  1. Hello Kate! I have two decks so far, the golden Universal deck, which is my favorite, and the Medieval Scapini, from which I use only the Major Arcana for special spreads. I keep them together in the same bag, do you think it could be wrong? I just love how these two decks ally together in my readings!

    1. Hi Mary,
      There’s nothing wrong with storing your decks like this if it appeals to you and especially if you like using these two decks together in readings. I store a bunch of decks in the same wooden box – they’re in separate bags/cardboard boxes but still, it’s kind of similar to what you’re doing.

  2. I keep my preferred deck, the Rider-Waite, wrapped in a velvet pull-string pouch, and then I put the pouch into a wooden cigar box. It’s compact, yet practical, also having enough room to store one book on the tarot I keep for reference. Somebody mentioned they keep some incense where they store their cards, that it makes the cards smell great too, I think that’s a swell idea, I’m excited to try it myself.

    I’ve had these cards at least 10 years and I’m not nearly as fluent in them as I’d hoped for. I’ll do good for a few days, taking out 2-4 cards a night and studying the images of each one and noting what the images are depicting, and I’m fairly good at that, but not good enough to offer reading without pulling out my trusty reference book.

  3. I wrapped mine up in an old scarf and will put my crystals near it. Is it ok that my scarf isn’t silk? I just found out that using tarot made me get a bad entity attached to me so I want to know how to protect myself best.

  4. My husband bought me the tarot illuminati deck over a year ago but I never touched it. I’ve just recently restarted studying the tarot, reintroduced myself to my cards and am now being called by two other decks. I have a bamboo box that my pro massage stone set came in that im now using to store my growing card collection.

  5. I was wondering if I were to use a tapestry that I got at a very happy and magical place, but has since torn in a few places, if I cut out a part that I find particularly beautiful, even though it’s several colors can I use that as a cloth?

  6. hi there,
    i recently bought my self some tarot cards after my dad told me to. i have been storing them in a woven box that has been blessed. that box sits comfortably on my book shelf and i also place an amethyst crystal in the box as amethyst i find extremely useful for charging just about everything (my other crystals, pendulums and tarot cards ect..)
    its interesting to me that you have so many decks! i dont think ive ever seen anyone with that many. blessed be.

  7. My collection is not yet giantic but I think I’m headed in that direction πŸ™‚ Currently I keep my decks out of their boxes on my built-in bookshelves. This way I’m more apt to work with them on a daily basis and I get to enjoy them on display. I also keep a piece of selenite and an amethyst geode nearby.

  8. Hello, I am new to tarot an I have to say I absolutely love the tarot. I have alway been interested in the tarot so I finally bought a deck. My first deck is crystal visions tarot deck. And I love this deck. I am on a real tight budget so I went and bought a yard of some really soft purple crush velvet type cloth. And cut a table cloth and some tarot cloths for future decks. I also put my cards in a purple crown royal bag I converted into a tarot bag perfect size for my cards. And a favorite gold colored box with the world on top. I used all three cloth and bag and box. Is that to much? I feel comfortable with them like that because there’s a lot of negative energy around me and I only use my cards when I’m calm and its quiet which is mostly late at night. Thanka for taking he time to read my long post sorry.

    1. Hi Renee,
      That’s wonderful that you’ve taken so much care with how you store your cards πŸ™‚
      I too am a night time reader – it just seems easier to read Tarot when everyone is asleep.
      thanks for reading and posting a comment,


  9. I should use a cigar box with interesting art. Sometimes the label has cherubs, Angels, etc.. Or just paint it in a Tibetan Buddhist shrine style

  10. I take used or unwanted tarot angel cards, books and divination tools and donate to inquirers or new readers. See my video or email if you need to part with unwanted items. Love and Ligght. Tigra

    1. I’ve been searching Craigslist , hoping to find someone who is urgently trying to unload a tarot deck for free. Along with their ouija board* and occult books. Haven’t seen any yet!

      *i want use an ouija board like a reading cloth. Maybe I can incorporate the ouija’s design as art of a spread

  11. I recently received running press Tarot Maga Mini Kit for Christmas. I’ve never heard or experienced Tarot Cards before. I’ve been reading about them. I’d just like information and suggestions or advice etc.

  12. I was given a stack of cards from a friend over the summer, but I’m only cleansing them now. I don’t have any silk or specialty bags or boxes to keep them in. What I do have is five crystals, a soft maroon coloured pouch, and an old book converted in to a box from my childhood. I just found the book again today, just as I was making space for my cards, so it must mean that I have to use it.

    1. Danielle, that book-box sounds like a fantastic place to store your cards! I don’t always store my cards in a box – sometimes I just place the deck on my coffee table with a crystal on top – this especially works well for a deck that you use all the time.

  13. I got my first tarot deck last Christmas from my parents (the Tarot Illuminati deck- it’s beautiful)! Along with the deck- which came with a silk pouch with the High Priestess on it- they bought me a simple little wooden box with a metal pentagram on it! I feel that the happiness and love around that time of year and the fact that I recieved the deck from the people I love most really made it special, and so I immediately connected with it! Although sometimes I go weeks without using it, I never lose interest or feel disconnected, as I always keep it on my nightstand!

  14. I’ve just inherited Tarot Totes from my fabulous, fellow tarot enthusiast mother-in-law (I know, how lucky am I?!). We handcraft tarot bags and cloths that are both beautiful and durable. Hey Kate, if you send me your shipping address, I’d be happy to send you a free sample of one of our bags!

    1. OMG, Shana, that’s so cool! I just checked out your site – what a fabulous idea! I will be in touch πŸ™‚

  15. Do you guys wrap your card in specifically colored clothes? I am debating what color to get.

  16. I recently obtained my tarot cards (an artist hand drew everything and they are all beautifully done) but my question is about the box they came in. They are both separated in diffrent boxes to tell which is major and which is minor. the boxes are made of thin cardboard but are really beautiful in the art. I don’t want to handle them to much because I fear it will get bent a lot When I take them out. I’m very ocd when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy. I also only plan on giving readings for myself and family (I am a beginner but I’ve always been interested in tarot readings. I just never found a deck I loved at first sight so I want to keep within people I know). Could I store them out the original package and keep them in a wooden box with incense and crystals and just unfold the original containers and place on the bottom? I’m more or less worried my cards won’t approve and I end up getting bad readings ;~;

    1. Of course you can do this! It seems strange to me to separate them into two boxes anyway. If you feel like your readings suffer as a result you can go back to keeping them in the original boxes, but I don’t think that would negatively effect your readings at all. And how luck you are to have a hand drawn deck!!!! That’s incredible!

  17. I am a newbie with tarot, though I’ve been using Doreen Virtue angel cards, and a deck by Ambika Wauters for many years. I bought this beautiful deck by Ciro Marchetti (I think is the authors name). I bought it for a play in which I played a medium named Clair Voyant. I put the deck away for over a year and recently found it. It’s gorgeous, and I just a few days ago started to learn. The thing is, I have a Doreen Virtue angel tarot as well. I didn’t know the difference between tarot and oracle until last week. I’m sorry, I’m rambling, but my point is….. I really LOVE these cards. And the Doreen Virture deck. I stayed away from “tarot” because of the associated negativity. But when I learned the structure, it makes so much more sense than using an oracle deck (which DOES have it’s place, too, but…). ANYWAY, I was searching online about storage because I want to do it “right” but I like keeping them in the box. I also only use them (for now) on my bed because that’s “my” space in my home. I am glad to find out that I don’t need “special” scarves, but to use something that is personal and mine. I’m SO excited to learn! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for commenting here, Sharon – welcome and I am so excited that you’ve discovered how wonderful Tarot can be and that your just starting to learn!!!! I hope my site will help you on your Tarot journey πŸ™‚ First of all, that whole idea of Tarot being “negative” is crap – I’m not sure who started that one, but it tends to stick with a lot of people. I’m so glad you got past that πŸ™‚ I’m also glad you are feeling more relaxed about the storage of your deck. I often keep my cards in the box they came in – I have lots of Doreens decks and they always come with nice boxes, so I don’t feel the need to wrap those ones up in silk of anything.
      Best of luck with your Tarot studies, Sharon!

  18. I made a card case out of Duck Tape and keep them next to my bed with the book that I go to for interpretations of the cards’ meanings. I feel as though the time and care I spent in making the case helped me to connect to my deck (which is the Rider-Waite deck). I’m actually looking into getting a new deck, just to expand my horizons a bit.

  19. I have mine in the regional boxes
    At the moment. I order some silk
    Bags. I place mine under my pillow
    . πŸ™‚

  20. I keep my deck wrapped up in a nice cloth inside a black glass box that we picked out together. Personally, I have such a strong connection with my cards that I could NEVER own more than one deck. Its like cheating on them lol.

    1. Lisa, I totally get what your saying! Sometimes I wish I had less decks because it takes me forever to decide which one to use for a reading and then I feel bad if I don’t use one for a while.

      1. Lol right?! Last Saturday I started seeing a psychologist and I seriously got a bad vibe from my deck. They’re not too happy about me seeking help from another source lol me and my deck are seriously like X

  21. I keep my 5 favorite decks in a book box, but wrapped in my grandmother’s handkerchiefs. She was known to be a little Fey (Irish to the core) and frequently visited Readers back then. I also keep a prayer to say before reading and a couple of crystals. I think, now, I will add a bit of incense!

  22. What a great topic Kate. I have four decks, and the last one I totally got because of the weekly reading I saw you do with it. The Druidcraft Deck. I so love this deck and it has become my most intuitive deck so far. I bought some raw silk and keep the deck wrapped in it. For those that don’t sew like me stitch witchery binding works well with an iron to give you a finished look. This deck has become so treasured that I started searching online for the perfect bag. Being that it is an oversize deck and I on a budget, I just put the idea of a bag on hold. After setting my intention for the perfect bag, I was doing some searching in a drawer. However it was not an intentional search. It was as if something was in the drawer that I needed to find and I could hear it calling to me. I started going through the mementos in the drawer and came across a beautiful raw silk patterned bag tiny bunnies cherry blossoms and bubbles. A gift from a friend in Japan. The inside of the bag the same shade of burgundy as the silk wrap/reading cloth. This treasured deck had found its own home. So now the deck the cloth, the bag are one. No such thing as coincidence as we all know. I keep a rose quartz and sprig of lavender in the bag as well. I like to carry my deck with me and because of the way this all came about I feel certain this deck is safe. My other three decks stay in patterned cotton draw string bags as well laying on my alter basking in the light of Himalayan salt lamp. As above so below. Namaste

    1. Hi Teresa,
      thanks for sharing this story – I love how much you love your Druidcraft Tarot! And aren’t Himalayan salt lamps wonderful?!

  23. Yay! I placed my decks in the book boxes too! I bought mine at the craft store and fit great.

  24. One thing to remember is our cards are our ‘tools’. A mechanic keeps his tools tools organized and in good working order. A butcher keeps her knives nice and sharp. As well a musician keeps her instrument tuned. Why should we treat our cards any different?
    As one said before me it is indeed important to have cards you enjoy and that make you feel good. Just as the musician or chef must have tools that fit well and feel good in their hands.

  25. Wow! Great post. And, great comments. Thank you for letting us into your Tarot area. πŸ™‚ I have original boxed decks, I’ve made a few bags for a few of my favorite decks. I have a few decorative boxes housing a few decks. I have one small bookshelf especially for tarot items, books, decks, etc. I recently added a DVD,CD stand, which has worked out real well, I’ve moved my main decks there. a level for tarot, oracle, angel, and lenormand. Now all I have to do is reach and grab. Of course, my favorite decks stay on my reading table. Maybe I’ll post some photos on my next post.

    Now, I just love those boxes your Dad made. Very Nice.

    1. Thanks Cher πŸ™‚ It sounds like you have quite the collection as well! I don’t have any Leonormand decks (yet!) but that will add a whole new dimension to my collection. I would like to be more organized like you, having my decks all in one spot so I don’t have to go through multiple boxes to find the deck I’m looking for….one day!

  26. My decks are in bags, I dismantle the Llewellyn boxes and the decks are in silk, which is the colour of the box, and in bags. Other decks like US games ones are still in their box in a bag and I am quite particular to the bag, it has to carry the energy for the deck. For the oracles, bar the two Llewellyn decks, (I got a bag for one deck, but not for the other), that deck has a butterfly organza bag, they are in their original boxes. My blue angel decks and self published decks are in their own box separate from the rest.

    That would be a fab post about what to do when family aren’t into Tarot etc. I keep the decks as hidden as much as I can.

    1. I meant the Blue Angel Publishing & self published Australasian decks are in their own box and I may need a bigger box!

  27. I keep my tarot cards in those little decorative boxes from the craft store that look like books. Some are velvet lined, and have lovely artwork on them. Storing them like this keeps them together, easily accessible, and tucked away from children and pets, while providing plenty of room to keep a crystal in with them. I have one of those armoire desks for my readings that has a pull out keyboard tray which makes a perfect surface for laying spreads and recording them. Closing the door on the armoire I feel protects the energy.
    I love Kate’s idea of storing incense with the cards. I’m very sensitive to smell, so I think this is a great idea. Oh, and I’m also a fan of her fathers wood crafting. Artistic talent obviously runs in the family; what an awesome legacy!

    1. Samantha, I love that idea of the book-boxes! That sounds really neat, I have actually never seen those before. I will tell my dad you liked his carvings – he will be pleased (my parents don’t have internet, so they don’t even know I posted these pics!)

  28. Awesome post! I love checking out peoples bookshelves as well! Those boxes your dad made you are awesome. Oh how I just love tarot! And oracle cards. And books. Lol! I keep mine next to my “tarot reading desk” (doesn’t always get used for just readings), most in their original box. The ones with flimsy boxes I couldn’t help but to toss the boxes and make bags out of fabric or crochet. 2 other decks I placed in wooden boxes I painted inspired by 1 of the cards in the deck to go with the deck. Some have crystals on top of them. I only have about 30 decks of both tarot and oracle combined. These things are like chips-1 isn’t enough. And the list of decks I want to buy….oh man. :-! Lol!!

    Thanks for sharing Kate!

    1. Erica, that is so cool you painted your own Tarot boxes! Wow, I would love to see them! Its funny how you say I only have 30 decks – I agree, they are totally like chips!

  29. I have 5-6 decks, I think. My 2 favorites are kept on the side table by the couch in a turkish puzzle box lined with a red velvety material. I have the cards in silk zippered pouches I found locally (we live in Japan). The other ones are upstairs on the bookshelf in our spare bedroom. 2 of those are in a brown box by themselves and the others in their original boxes. The 2 in the brown box belonged to my husband’s great-grandmother and his mom gave them to me. I get a weird vibe off them so I don’t take them out much. I guess she used them a ton and was really into tarot, palm reading, and I even have some rune stones from her. I never met her, but my mom-in-law has tons of fond memories and insisted I have those decks.

    1. Oh, you are so lucky to have inherited some well used decks. I can see how you might get a strange feeling with them though. Your turkish puzzle box sounds interesting!

  30. I keep all of mine, and all Tarot books, on a shelf in my bookcases in the family room. I keep them in their original boxes except for about 3 decks that I keep in a small box because the original boxes were ruined or lost. I’m a newbie though and only have about 6 decks. I would like some lovely decorative boxes to store them inside on the shelf.

  31. I am really loving reading everyone’s comments!!! It brings me great relief that I am not the only one with tons of decks! As I was writing this, it crossed my mind that many of you may have only one or two decks and think it totally bizarre that I have dozens. I didn’t want to give the impression that you need a million decks to have a good tarot practice going on (because you don’t!) ….but it looks like I don’t need to worry, LOL!

  32. I love the beautiful pics in this blog post Kate! The boxes your Dad made are stunning! I have my Tarot decks in silk wraps, silk scarves and silk bags I bought on Etsy. One lives in a box and they sometimes live in drawers, sometimes in a big wooden chest. Storing them with incense is a great idea! πŸ˜€

  33. Great post Kate. I don’t like to keep my decks in their boxes, instead I store each one wrapped in a cloth, then placed in a satin or velvet bag. Most of them live on my altar, but I keep at least one in my satchel so I always have a deck with me when I’m out and about. You never know when you’ll need to do a reading on the spot. πŸ˜‰

  34. Beautiful Blog Kate,

    I love it. I had the same question. I have a packed household with only one 4 yr old boy. But as my m-i-l and husband is totally not into spirituality I keep my cards closed in my cupboard. I keep my books in a tv trolley which is full so I made a place in my wardrobe, actually almirah… I have only one tarot deck and 4 oracle decks. I keep them in one section of my almirah with my crystal box. But my only tarot deck i.e. Angels Tarot Deck is out on fridge where I can touch it often.

    I keep sending love to all my decks…

    1. Kirti – you have just given me an idea for another blog post – what to do if the people your live with aren’t into Tarot or spirituality! I love how you send love to all your decks – that is really beautiful and I bet it really enhances how you read with those cards πŸ™‚

  35. Love this post- I always like to see how other people store their cards, and usually after seeing a good one somewhat change up my system. I feel like my storage needs, just like my tarot needs, are constantly changing and evolving. I love the boxes your dad made- my husband has made some for me and they make me feel even more connected to the cards kept in them. Something about the handmade and natural finish of wooden boxes really is awesome.

  36. I keep most of mine in their original boxes except ones that came in sets where the cards would fall all around inside the larger boxes. I put those in silk or velvet drawstring bags inside the larger set boxes. I have a bookcase in the bedroom where I store all my tarot and oracle decks. I made a special box for my Morgan-Greer, which is V.2 of the first-ever deck I had (I gave away my original one). It’s a repurposed small cardboard box that I covered with beautiful scrapbook paper and has a nest of white tissue paper inside. That is on a bookcase near my side of the bed. I wonder what I’m going to do when I run out of room in my tarot bookcase? :-p

  37. Lovely question. its interesting to learn how others do things! πŸ™‚
    I keep my tarot decks, oracle cards and my crystal ball all together in the bottom drawer of a wooden set of drawers in my bedroom, near my bed. I store them in all their original boxes and I keep a big quartz crystal and an amethyst crystal in the drawer along with them all. There are some decks I use more than others. but I don’t feel I could part with any of them! I was drawn to each and every deck I have for a reason and the messages within it where what I needed at the time I used it, I’m sure that when I need the messages a particular deck wants to tell me, ill b drawn to use it again. until then they r tucked up safe in my drawer. Storing them all this way also keeps them away from my kids grubby hands! lol
    Though now I’m at a bit of a tough spot cos my drawer is full and I’m already eyeing up a few more decks that I want for my birthday in April, so I have till then to buy a bigger set of drawers!

    I love the idea for putting incense with my decks, im definitely going to do that so thank you for that tip! πŸ™‚ They r gonna smell divine!
    And those wooden boxes that your dad made for u r beautiful (I’m jealous! lol) xxx

  38. I, too, love this post, Kate!

    In addition to getting a glimpse into the world of your decks (!!!), I really like that you correlate my attitude toward my deck(s) to the way in which I store it/them.

    And it’s TRUE! The decks that I’m most connected to stay out on a wooden end-of-bed table, each wrapped in a special piece of fabric (scarf, printed cotton piece, silk) or bag. There are about 10-12 of them, there, and whatever deck has my especial attention at the moment is in the living room, in a basket where I can grab it to do some deck study.

    The decks I have but am not as thrilled with are still nicely wrapped and neatly stored–but they are out of sight in a cabinet with a door. I know they’re there, and if I have a yen to use one of them, as sometimes happens, I go grab it, and it makes it to the treasured pile in my room for a while.

    But the idea that I won’t read as well with a deck I don’t feel as much kinship with is a wise one. I need to go have a little chat with all those little mummies wrapped up tight and shoved into the dark . . .


  39. Therese Callaghan

    Awesome post Kate. The boxes made by your Dad are beautiful….clearly made with love πŸ™‚

  40. Hi Kate,
    I keep mine in a box in my closet, on a bookshelf in my room and a nook under my tv. Any deck I am reading with at the time, I wrap in a cloth with a quartz crystal and sleep with it under my pillow πŸ˜€ I do have some decks I have not gotten around to working with yet, but I try to use a new one every week. Love your “Tarot Boxes” and I will have to try putting some incense in with mine, I think that would make them happy πŸ˜€ Thanks for the great topic!

  41. I just love this topic, Kate, and I also loved having a peek at how you keep your decks, thank you! It’s just fascinating for some reason to see how others care for and keep their tarot/oracle decks, I’m glued to my computer screen, can’t get enough!

    I keep the deck that I’m currently infatuated with inside a tarot bag in a small box on my altar so they are there and ready to go at a moments notice. It also keeps them away from the kiddos and kitty cats that can’t seem to help themselves but to touch and scatter everywhere. My other decks are in my “tarot drawer” under my altar.

    Thanks again for indulging us, Kate! Love this!

  42. I keep all of my decks together in a wooden box. Each one is in a drawstring bag or wrapped in something. I find it easier to keep them all together since I live in an apt and have two dogs! I love the fake book idea!!!

  43. I think I store them just like you: they are all over the place. Some are in their original boxes, some have special boxes, (wood, or fake books), some live in knitted or chroceted bags, some are wrapped in silk, others in cotton. They are all stacked in my bookcase and in my tarot drawer. Some, about 5 decks, are laying on the dining table and they vary every few days. I think that’s about it.
    And most important is to care for the deck you read with. I have a few decks I currently don’t resonate with so I don’t read with them. But that can change over time πŸ™‚
    Nice topic Kate

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