Oracle Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!

Have a lovely week 🙂


5 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!”

  1. Really loving this read, Kate! It’s really reassuring that the work I’m doing is true progress; that I’ll will be able to actually complete what I’m working on, wherever it may take me.

    Reminds me of Alice going down the rabbit hole, especially with the girl in the first card. She’s traversing this land of Wonder, charging towards what she wants most, but coming out the other side transformed, almost like she’s a goddess, and has been touched by the magic. She’s discovered what it is that she TRULY wants, and is feeling this real sense of accomplishment. I guess with this week being about progress, I’m still getting that “achievement” vibe, but I think you really hit in home in that it’s not about being perfect and always doing, rather it’s about becoming aligned in your heart, and having success as a result of that.

    One symbol that jumped out at me was the sun inside the chrysalis – I think that’s what it is- next to the moth. Not sure what that all means, but I feel like it goes with the whole theme of transformation. New things are on the horizon, and there’s this whole other world beyond what we know or expect. So maybe it’s like what you said about going with your gut, and seeing where it takes you. What do you (& everybody else) think?

    Either way, this was a really magical reading. Thank you! n_n

    1. Chani, thank you so much for your lovely interpretation! My apologies for taking forever to respond – I’ve been slacking! I really like your mention of alice in wonderland – I had that feeling about the card, but couldn’t pin it down why i felt that way – now I know why.

      1. No worries, Kate!

        You do so much for us already. 🙂 Yeah, I think the whole Alice thing may also have something to with the fact the girl is in a Victorian dress, and she looking towards the moth like “What the &^%#?” Plus the fact she is running, makes me think she’s chasing after the white rabbit. Mystical indeed!

  2. Hi Kate! Lovely cards…..bad for my addiction to tarot cards and the like 🙂 oh and a particular well known online shopping site that you also love 😀

    I loved this reading because I feel stuck and it brought me a sense of peace. The first card reminded me that while it feels like I’m stuck in the mud I am taking steps – making a plan. The second card is “charging” ahead, and that gave me a sense of “yes!” I can do what I set my mind too. There also seems to be a swirl of energy (or magic) coming from the hooves, the mouth, the mane, bad the horn – almost like electricity! The last card is very mystical and sparkly at the same time. It reminds me to let go of control and let the magic happen. I think what I mean is – put the magic out there by your thoughts and actions and then let it go – let the magic work! She also looks very calm and peaceful almost as if she is standing in her truth.

    And now off to that site to look at these cards! I also have some books to add to the list on the other page 🙂

    1. Hi Michele,
      Yes, I am sorry I am feeding your deck/amazon addiction! I keep promising to write a blog post about how to stop buying tarot decks 😉 Love your interpretation – thanks for sharing! And I can’t wait to see what your fave books are!

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