It’s hot to be authentic AND secretive!

veronica 2Veronica is my husky voiced twin. She’s bad, she’s fabulous and she reads Tarot. When she isn’t sexily reclining on her chaise lounger and sipping something evil, she’s dishing out unsolicited advice on my blog!

the moon

Housewives Tarot

There’s a lot of trumped up talk about “authenticity” these days, which is a sure sign that almost everyone lacks it.

And while I’m all for saying what’s on your mind, telling it like it is and that whole what you see is what you get crapola, I can’t help but rebel against this sudden onslaught of asshats telling me I’m supposed to “be real.”

Fuck off already.

It’s not always wise or attractive to just reveal everything about yourself and share your private thoughts willy nilly.

The only thing hotter than being your true, authentic self is being secretive! Think of Burlesque dancers – they’re all about the slow reveal and even then they rarely ever get totally nude, which is why pasties and g-strings exist.

The Moon is all about dimming the lights, keeping a few tricks up your sleeve and smiling like a Cheshire cat that just ate a bird. Be authentic….by all means! But keep your pasties on.

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